Poland has a thriving poultry industry, with numerous companies contributing to its growth and success. Poultry production plays a significant role in the country’s agricultural sector, meeting both domestic demand and contributing to exports. This report aims to identify and highlight the top 10 poultry producers in Poland based on various criteria such as production volume, market share, and industry reputation.


The selection of the top 10 poultry producers in Poland was based on a combination of factors, including annual production volumes, market share, revenue, and industry reputation. Data was gathered from industry reports, market analyses, company websites, and reliable news sources to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Top 10 Poultry Producers in Poland:

  1. Grupa Żywiec S.A.: One of the largest poultry producers in Poland, Grupa Żywiec S.A. is known for its extensive range of poultry products and strong market presence both domestically and internationally.
  2. Drobex S.A.: Drobex S.A. is a major player in the Polish poultry industry, recognized for its high-quality poultry products and advanced production facilities.
  3. ZM Peklimar Sp. z o.o.: ZM Peklimar is renowned for its modern poultry processing plants and a wide range of poultry offerings, catering to diverse consumer needs.
  4. Zootechnika Sp. z o.o.: With a focus on sustainable and ethical poultry production practices, Zootechnika has emerged as a leading poultry producer in Poland.
  5. SuperDrob S.A.: SuperDrob S.A. is known for its innovative approach to poultry farming and processing, delivering fresh and high-quality poultry products to the market.
  6. Grupa Drozd S.A.: Grupa Drozd S.A. has established itself as a key player in the Polish poultry industry, with a strong emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction.
  7. Agrofirma Woźniak Sp. z o.o.: Agrofirma Woźniak is recognized for its vertically integrated poultry production model, ensuring control over every stage of the production process to maintain quality standards.
  8. Kurcaj Sp. z o.o.: Kurcaj specializes in organic and free-range poultry production, catering to the growing demand for premium poultry products in Poland and abroad.
  9. Drobex-Opoka Sp. z o.o.: Drobex-Opoka is a prominent poultry producer with a focus on innovation and technology-driven production methods to optimize efficiency and quality.
  10. Łmeat Sp. z o.o.: Łmeat has carved a niche in the poultry industry with its diverse product portfolio and commitment to sustainability and animal welfare.


The poultry industry in Poland is dynamic and competitive, with several companies vying for market share and consumer attention. The top 10 poultry producers identified in this report represent the leading players in the industry, known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. As the demand for poultry products continues to grow, these companies are poised to maintain their positions and drive further growth in the Polish poultry market.

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