Introduction: Poultry production is a significant sector within the Hungarian agricultural industry, contributing to both domestic consumption and export markets. This report aims to identify and highlight the top 10 poultry producers in Hungary based on their production output, market share, and industry reputation.

Methodology: The selection of the top 10 Hungarian poultry producers was based on several criteria, including:

  1. Annual production volume
  2. Market share within Hungary
  3. Reputation for quality and efficiency
  4. Integration across the poultry value chain
  5. Innovation and sustainability practices

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Top 10 Hungarian Poultry Producers:

  1. Master Good Kft.: Master Good is one of the largest poultry producers in Hungary, known for its extensive product range, including chicken, turkey, and duck meat. The company focuses on modern production techniques and has a strong presence in both domestic and international markets.
  2. Gallicoop Zrt.: Gallicoop is a leading poultry producer specializing in turkey meat products. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on high-quality standards, Gallicoop has secured a significant market share in Hungary and is recognized for its export capabilities.
  3. Agrárium Zrt.: Agrárium is a major player in the Hungarian poultry industry, with diversified operations encompassing poultry farming, processing, and distribution. The company emphasizes sustainable practices and has a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction.
  4. Bábolna Tetra Kft.: Bábolna Tetra is renowned for its expertise in breeding and genetics, particularly in the development of poultry breeds optimized for meat production. The company’s innovative approach and commitment to genetic improvement have positioned it as a key player in the Hungarian market.
  5. Tojásgyár Kft.: Tojásgyár specializes in egg production and processing, supplying a wide range of egg products to both domestic and international customers. The company places a strong emphasis on product quality, food safety, and animal welfare.
  6. Bonafarm Group: Bonafarm Group operates a diversified agribusiness portfolio, including poultry production under its subsidiary Bonafarm Poultry. The company’s vertically integrated operations and focus on efficiency have enabled it to maintain a prominent position in the Hungarian poultry market.
  7. Dél-alföldi Broiler Kft.: Dél-alföldi Broiler is a key player in the broiler chicken segment, specializing in the production of high-quality chicken meat for both retail and foodservice sectors. The company’s modern facilities and commitment to continuous improvement have contributed to its success.
  8. Globus Zrt.: Globus is a prominent poultry producer known for its focus on technological innovation and sustainability. The company’s integrated approach, from feed production to processing, ensures efficiency and quality throughout the production chain.
  9. Hunent Zrt.: Hunent is a leading supplier of poultry products in Hungary, offering a diverse range of fresh and processed poultry products to meet consumer demand. The company’s commitment to product innovation and customer satisfaction has helped it maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  10. Zalai Baromfi Kft.: Zalai Baromfi specializes in the production of high-quality poultry meat products, with a focus on traditional Hungarian recipes and flavors. The company’s dedication to traditional methods combined with modern production techniques has earned it a loyal customer base.

Conclusion: The Hungarian poultry industry is characterized by a diverse range of producers, each contributing to the country’s agricultural sector in unique ways. The top 10 poultry producers identified in this report demonstrate the industry’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring a reliable supply of poultry products to both domestic and international markets.

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