Pilgrim’s Food Masters, a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride, reveals plans to shut down its factory in Southall, affecting 260 jobs.

Trade Union Concerns and Consultation Process

GMB expresses serious concerns over the impact of the closure on workers and the local community. Pilgrim’s initiates a statutory 45-day consultation period with affected staff members.

Previous Controversies and Worker Advocacy

Previous disputes, including threats of job losses and benefit reductions, underscore ongoing tensions between the company and its workforce. GMB vows to advocate fiercely for affected workers’ rights.

Business Rationale and Operational Restructuring

Pilgrim’s cites industry challenges and lower-than-expected market volumes as drivers behind the closure. The company outlines plans to consolidate production into two other facilities to ensure business continuity.

Employee Support and Redeployment Efforts

Pilgrim’s pledges to support affected employees throughout the closure process and seeks to redeploy workers to neighboring sites wherever feasible. The company emphasizes its commitment to mitigating the impact on its workforce.

Corporate Background and Ownership

As a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride, majority-owned by Brazil-based JBS, Pilgrim’s Food Masters operates within a global conglomerate employing thousands worldwide. The company’s acquisition of Kerry Group’s meats and meals business in 2021 marked a significant expansion of its operations.

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