Craig Tomkinson, the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 2 Sisters Food Group, has announced his decision to step down from his role after nearly six years of dedicated service to the U.K.-based poultry company.

Successor Named: Nigel Williams

In Tomkinson’s place, the company has appointed Nigel Williams as the new CFO. Williams brings with him over 20 years of extensive experience in leading multi-site food and beverage retailers, making him a fitting successor to Tomkinson.

Tomkinson’s Contributions and Career Break

Having served as Group CFO and Board Director for almost six years and contributing to the company for over a decade, Tomkinson has decided to take a career break before exploring new opportunities. His official departure will occur in July after handing over responsibilities to Williams.

Williams’ Professional Background

Williams boasts an impressive background, having served as the CFO of global business Collins Foods in Australia for the past eight years. Prior to that, he held the position of Finance Director for Starbucks UK, showcasing his diverse expertise in financial leadership roles.

Transition Plan and Responsibilities

Williams will undergo a full induction in March before officially assuming his role in April. Meanwhile, Tomkinson will focus on key projects until his departure in July, with Chairman Richard Pennycook overseeing the transition process.

Tomkinson’s Outlook and Future Plans

Tomkinson expressed that he believes now is the right time for a career hiatus. He plans to take some time off to rejuvenate with his family before embarking on new challenges and opportunities.

Gratitude and Optimism from Chairman

Chairman Richard Pennycook expressed gratitude for Tomkinson’s significant contributions to the company, recognizing his pivotal role in its transformation. He warmly welcomed Williams to the board, expressing confidence in his capabilities and optimism for the future of 2 Sisters Food Group under his leadership.


The transition from Craig Tomkinson to Nigel Williams marks a significant moment for 2 Sisters Food Group. As Tomkinson steps down after years of dedicated service, Williams steps into the role with a wealth of experience and a promising outlook for the company’s future growth and success.


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