Moy Park, a prominent poultry processor, announces the departure of its president, Chris Kirke, after six successful years of leadership.

Acknowledgment of Kirke’s Contributions

In a statement, Moy Park expressed gratitude for Kirke’s exceptional leadership and contributions to the company’s success, wishing him well in his future endeavors.

Kirke’s Tenure at Moy Park

Kirke assumed his role at Moy Park shortly after its acquisition by Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., highlighting his pivotal role during this transitional period.

Kirke’s Professional Background

Before joining Moy Park, Kirke served as CEO of Greencore Group, a Dublin-based company specializing in retail convenience foods with international operations.

Leadership Transition within Pilgrim’s Europe

Moy Park operates under Pilgrim’s Europe, led by Ivan Siqueira since November 2023. Siqueira oversees various subsidiaries, including Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Food Masters, and Pilgrim’s Shared Services Ltd.


Chris Kirke’s departure marks a significant transition for Moy Park, as the company continues its operations under the leadership of Pilgrim’s Europe. Kirke’s legacy of exceptional leadership and dedication will be remembered as Moy Park moves forward into its next chapter.


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