Brazilian meat companies have reached unprecedented levels of production, processing enormous quantities of chicken and hogs, along with the second-highest cattle slaughtering in history, as revealed by the 2023 data from the national census bureau. This surge solidifies Brazil’s position as a global leader in meat production.

Expanding Global Reach

With a clientele spanning across the globe, Brazil’s meat companies serve numerous countries, with significant exports to key destinations like China and the Middle East. The country’s status as a powerhouse in grain and meat production ensures its continued prominence in the global meat trade.

Staggering Cattle Slaughtering Numbers

The statistics agency IBGE reports a substantial increase of nearly 14% in cattle slaughtering in Brazil, which holds a significant share of the global beef trade. This growth trend has been consistent since the previous year, highlighting Brazil’s ongoing expansion in the meat industry.

Key Players in Brazil’s Meat Industry

Some of the world’s largest meat companies, including JBS, BRF, Marfrig, and Minerva, are based in Brazil. These companies play a pivotal role in driving the country’s meat exports and maintaining its dominance in the global market.

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Record Beef Exports

In 2023, Brazil set a new record by exporting 2.01 million metric tons of fresh beef, reaffirming its position as a major player in the global beef market. Despite the United States being the only country producing more beef, Brazil’s significant cattle inventories ensure its competitive edge in the industry.

Strength in Chicken and Hog Meats Trade

Brazil’s competitive advantage extends beyond beef to chicken and hog meats, where it commands substantial shares of 37% and 13% respectively in total world sales, according to trade data compiled by meat lobby ABPA. The record-breaking numbers in chicken and hog slaughtering further cement Brazil’s dominance in these sectors.


Brazil’s meat industry continues to flourish, with record-breaking production levels across various categories. With its robust infrastructure, extensive cattle herds, and strategic global partnerships, Brazil remains a powerhouse in the global meat trade, poised for further growth and expansion in the years to come.

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