Investment Fund Divests from Tyson Foods Due To Refugee Hiring

Conservative Investment Fund Divests from Tyson Foods

The American Conservative Values ETF announces its divestment from Tyson Foods, citing concerns over the company’s plans to hire migrants and refugees, which it believes may alienate customers.

Concerns Over Alienating Customers

Bill Flaig, CEO of Ridgeline Research LLC, expresses apprehension about Tyson’s hiring practices, arguing that they could risk alienating a significant portion of the customer base, especially amid the ongoing migrant crisis at the southern border.

Tyson’s Commitment to Refugee Hiring

Tyson Foods’ decision to join the Tent Partnership for Refugees and commit to hiring 2,500 refugees in the U.S. over three years underscores its efforts to provide opportunities for displaced individuals. However, this move has drawn criticism from conservative investors like the American Conservative Values ETF.

Expansion of Hiring Efforts

Recent reports indicate Tyson’s efforts to hire asylum seekers and migrants to address labor shortages in its plants. The company’s spokesperson highlights the loyalty and stability that migrants bring to the workforce, emphasizing the need to fill thousands of vacancies amid high turnover rates in the industry.

Linkage Between Hiring Practices and Facility Closures

Some critics have suggested a connection between Tyson’s hiring practices and its decision to close facilities like the pork plant in Perry, Iowa. However, Tyson denies any correlation, attributing the closures to changing market demands.

Tyson’s Response to Criticism

Tyson Foods reiterates its commitment to legal employment practices and opposes illegal immigration. The company emphasizes its participation in government programs like E-Verify and the IMAGE program to ensure compliance with immigration laws.

Conclusion: Balancing Business Needs and Social Responsibility

The case of Tyson Foods highlights the complex intersection of business decisions, social responsibility, and political ideologies. As companies navigate labor challenges and market demands, they must strike a balance between profitability and ethical considerations, particularly in sensitive areas such as immigration policy.

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Jayson Penn Takes the Helm at Foster Farms

Foster Farms announces Jayson Penn as its new CEO, succeeding Donnie Smith. Penn expresses enthusiasm for leading the iconic brand towards continued success and emphasizes a focus on team members and customer satisfaction.

Penn’s Impressive Career Trajectory

Penn’s background spans various leadership roles in the poultry industry, including his tenure as CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. His extensive experience, coupled with a family legacy in poultry business, positions him well to navigate Foster Farms through its next phase of growth.

Prioritizing Operational Excellence and Customer Trust

Penn underscores the importance of maintaining Foster Farms‘ reputation for quality and reliability. He emphasizes a commitment to operational excellence and product integrity, aiming to build trust among consumers and stakeholders alike.

Strengthening the Leadership Team

Foster Farms appoints James Richards as the new Chief Financial Officer, bringing valuable expertise from his successful turnaround efforts at Kodi Collective and extensive experience with General Electric. The addition of Richards complements Penn’s vision for driving transformation within the company.

Atlas Partners’ Perspective on the Leadership Transition

Atlas Partners express confidence in Penn’s ability to lead Foster Farms through its transformation journey. They highlight Penn’s industry experience and dedication to operational excellence as key factors contributing to the company’s future success.

Outlook for Foster Farms Under Penn’s Leadership

With Penn at the helm and Richards bolstering the leadership team, Foster Farms is poised to navigate industry challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. Penn’s strategic vision and commitment to upholding the company’s legacy pave the way for a promising future for the iconic poultry brand.

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Pilgrim’s Food Masters Announces Closure of UK Factory

Pilgrim’s Food Masters, a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride, reveals plans to shut down its factory in Southall, affecting 260 jobs.

Trade Union Concerns and Consultation Process

GMB expresses serious concerns over the impact of the closure on workers and the local community. Pilgrim’s initiates a statutory 45-day consultation period with affected staff members.

Previous Controversies and Worker Advocacy

Previous disputes, including threats of job losses and benefit reductions, underscore ongoing tensions between the company and its workforce. GMB vows to advocate fiercely for affected workers’ rights.

Business Rationale and Operational Restructuring

Pilgrim’s cites industry challenges and lower-than-expected market volumes as drivers behind the closure. The company outlines plans to consolidate production into two other facilities to ensure business continuity.

Employee Support and Redeployment Efforts

Pilgrim’s pledges to support affected employees throughout the closure process and seeks to redeploy workers to neighboring sites wherever feasible. The company emphasizes its commitment to mitigating the impact on its workforce.

Corporate Background and Ownership

As a subsidiary of Pilgrim’s Pride, majority-owned by Brazil-based JBS, Pilgrim’s Food Masters operates within a global conglomerate employing thousands worldwide. The company’s acquisition of Kerry Group’s meats and meals business in 2021 marked a significant expansion of its operations.

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Craig Tomkinson Steps Down as CFO 2 Sisters Food Group

Craig Tomkinson, the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 2 Sisters Food Group, has announced his decision to step down from his role after nearly six years of dedicated service to the U.K.-based poultry company.

Successor Named: Nigel Williams

In Tomkinson’s place, the company has appointed Nigel Williams as the new CFO. Williams brings with him over 20 years of extensive experience in leading multi-site food and beverage retailers, making him a fitting successor to Tomkinson.

Tomkinson’s Contributions and Career Break

Having served as Group CFO and Board Director for almost six years and contributing to the company for over a decade, Tomkinson has decided to take a career break before exploring new opportunities. His official departure will occur in July after handing over responsibilities to Williams.

Williams’ Professional Background

Williams boasts an impressive background, having served as the CFO of global business Collins Foods in Australia for the past eight years. Prior to that, he held the position of Finance Director for Starbucks UK, showcasing his diverse expertise in financial leadership roles.

Transition Plan and Responsibilities

Williams will undergo a full induction in March before officially assuming his role in April. Meanwhile, Tomkinson will focus on key projects until his departure in July, with Chairman Richard Pennycook overseeing the transition process.

Tomkinson’s Outlook and Future Plans

Tomkinson expressed that he believes now is the right time for a career hiatus. He plans to take some time off to rejuvenate with his family before embarking on new challenges and opportunities.

Gratitude and Optimism from Chairman

Chairman Richard Pennycook expressed gratitude for Tomkinson’s significant contributions to the company, recognizing his pivotal role in its transformation. He warmly welcomed Williams to the board, expressing confidence in his capabilities and optimism for the future of 2 Sisters Food Group under his leadership.


The transition from Craig Tomkinson to Nigel Williams marks a significant moment for 2 Sisters Food Group. As Tomkinson steps down after years of dedicated service, Williams steps into the role with a wealth of experience and a promising outlook for the company’s future growth and success.


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President’s Departure from Moy Park Confirmed

Moy Park, a prominent poultry processor, announces the departure of its president, Chris Kirke, after six successful years of leadership.

Acknowledgment of Kirke’s Contributions

In a statement, Moy Park expressed gratitude for Kirke’s exceptional leadership and contributions to the company’s success, wishing him well in his future endeavors.

Kirke’s Tenure at Moy Park

Kirke assumed his role at Moy Park shortly after its acquisition by Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., highlighting his pivotal role during this transitional period.

Kirke’s Professional Background

Before joining Moy Park, Kirke served as CEO of Greencore Group, a Dublin-based company specializing in retail convenience foods with international operations.

Leadership Transition within Pilgrim’s Europe

Moy Park operates under Pilgrim’s Europe, led by Ivan Siqueira since November 2023. Siqueira oversees various subsidiaries, including Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Food Masters, and Pilgrim’s Shared Services Ltd.


Chris Kirke’s departure marks a significant transition for Moy Park, as the company continues its operations under the leadership of Pilgrim’s Europe. Kirke’s legacy of exceptional leadership and dedication will be remembered as Moy Park moves forward into its next chapter.


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Brazil’s Record Breaking Global Meat Dominance

Brazilian meat companies have reached unprecedented levels of production, processing enormous quantities of chicken and hogs, along with the second-highest cattle slaughtering in history, as revealed by the 2023 data from the national census bureau. This surge solidifies Brazil’s position as a global leader in meat production.

Expanding Global Reach

With a clientele spanning across the globe, Brazil’s meat companies serve numerous countries, with significant exports to key destinations like China and the Middle East. The country’s status as a powerhouse in grain and meat production ensures its continued prominence in the global meat trade.

Staggering Cattle Slaughtering Numbers

The statistics agency IBGE reports a substantial increase of nearly 14% in cattle slaughtering in Brazil, which holds a significant share of the global beef trade. This growth trend has been consistent since the previous year, highlighting Brazil’s ongoing expansion in the meat industry.

Key Players in Brazil’s Meat Industry

Some of the world’s largest meat companies, including JBS, BRF, Marfrig, and Minerva, are based in Brazil. These companies play a pivotal role in driving the country’s meat exports and maintaining its dominance in the global market.

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Record Beef Exports

In 2023, Brazil set a new record by exporting 2.01 million metric tons of fresh beef, reaffirming its position as a major player in the global beef market. Despite the United States being the only country producing more beef, Brazil’s significant cattle inventories ensure its competitive edge in the industry.

Strength in Chicken and Hog Meats Trade

Brazil’s competitive advantage extends beyond beef to chicken and hog meats, where it commands substantial shares of 37% and 13% respectively in total world sales, according to trade data compiled by meat lobby ABPA. The record-breaking numbers in chicken and hog slaughtering further cement Brazil’s dominance in these sectors.


Brazil’s meat industry continues to flourish, with record-breaking production levels across various categories. With its robust infrastructure, extensive cattle herds, and strategic global partnerships, Brazil remains a powerhouse in the global meat trade, poised for further growth and expansion in the years to come.

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Perdue & Sanderson Settles Chicken Price-Fixing Cases

Perdue and Sanderson Settle in Chicken Price-Fixing Cases

Perdue Farms Inc., Sanderson, and other chicken suppliers agree to settle claims of conspiring to fix poultry prices, impacting food distributors.

Settlement Agreements Await Court Approval

Plaintiffs’ lawyers representing direct purchasers of chicken announce plans to seek preliminary approval for the settlements from a Chicago federal judge.

Terms and Response from Companies

Details of the settlements remain undisclosed. Perdue and Sanderson, along with other defendants, have denied any wrongdoing. Perdue is yet to respond to requests for comment.

Perdue and other defendants previously secured a pre-trial ruling, dismissing claims against them. Sanderson, now part of Wayne-Sanderson, emerged victorious in the first trial of the chicken price-fixing litigation.

Allegations of Price Manipulation

Plaintiffs accuse the defendants of keeping chicken prices artificially high by limiting production and sharing confidential data on supply and demand.

Previous Settlements and Denial of Liability

Prior settlements with other chicken producers totaled over $284 million. Companies like Tyson and Pilgrim’s Pride settled for significant amounts, while denying liability.

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Top 10 Poultry Producers in South America

Poultry production is a significant agricultural sector in South America, contributing substantially to the region’s economy and food security. The continent boasts a diverse range of climates and natural resources, making it conducive to poultry farming. This report aims to identify and list the top 10 poultry producers in South America based on various factors such as production volume, market share, and industry reputation.

Methodology: To compile this list, we analyzed data from industry reports, government publications, and reputable agricultural organizations. We focused on companies that have a significant presence in the poultry sector, considering factors such as production capacity, market dominance, and geographical reach.

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Top 10 Poultry Producers in South America:

  1. BRF S.A. (Brazil): BRF S.A. is one of the largest poultry producers globally and dominates the South American market. Headquartered in Brazil, the company has an extensive network of production facilities and distribution channels, exporting poultry products to numerous countries worldwide.
  2. JBS S.A. (Brazil): JBS S.A. is another major player in the South American poultry industry. While primarily known for its beef production, JBS also has a significant presence in poultry farming, with operations across Brazil and other countries in the region.
  3. Grupo Nutresa (Colombia): Grupo Nutresa is a leading food processing company in Colombia, with a strong focus on poultry production. The company operates several poultry farms and processing plants, supplying high-quality poultry products to domestic and international markets.
  4. Agrosuper (Chile): Agrosuper is one of the largest poultry producers in Chile and a key player in the South American poultry industry. The company’s vertically integrated operations encompass breeding, farming, and processing, ensuring quality control throughout the production chain.
  5. Perdigão (Brazil): Perdigão, a subsidiary of BRF S.A., is a renowned poultry brand in Brazil and South America. The company specializes in a wide range of poultry products, including fresh and processed chicken, catering to both domestic and export markets.
  6. Sadia (Brazil): Sadia, also a subsidiary of BRF S.A., is among the top poultry producers in Brazil. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Sadia has established itself as a trusted brand in the South American poultry market.
  7. Agrindus (Brazil): Agrindus is a prominent poultry producer based in Brazil, known for its commitment to animal welfare and environmental stewardship. The company’s integrated approach to poultry farming ensures efficiency and product quality.
  8. Cargill (Brazil): Cargill is a multinational agricultural corporation with significant poultry operations in Brazil. Leveraging advanced technology and best practices, Cargill produces a diverse range of poultry products for domestic and international markets.
  9. Pilgrim’s Pride (Brazil): Pilgrim’s Pride, a subsidiary of JBS S.A., is a major player in the Brazilian poultry industry. The company’s focus on operational excellence and product innovation has contributed to its success in the South American market.
  10. Frigorífico BRF Argentina (Argentina): Frigorífico BRF Argentina, a subsidiary of BRF S.A., is a leading poultry producer in Argentina. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities and adherence to stringent quality standards have earned it a strong reputation in the region.

Conclusion: The poultry industry plays a vital role in South America’s agricultural landscape, driving economic growth and providing essential food products to consumers worldwide. The top 10 poultry producers listed in this report demonstrate the region’s significant contribution to global poultry production, with companies operating at scale and maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.

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Top 10 Russian Poultry Producers

Introduction: Poultry production is a significant sector within the Russian agricultural industry. With the growing demand for poultry products domestically and internationally, Russia has seen a rise in the number of poultry producers. This report aims to identify and list the top 10 Russian poultry producers based on various factors such as production volume, market share, revenue, and reputation.

Methodology: The selection process for identifying the top 10 Russian poultry producers involved extensive research and analysis of industry reports, market data, financial statements, and expert opinions. Factors such as production capacity, distribution network, technological advancements, and sustainability practices were considered in the evaluation process.

Top 10 Russian Poultry Producers:

  1. Cherkizovo Group: Cherkizovo Group is one of the largest vertically integrated meat producers in Russia, with a significant focus on poultry production. The company boasts modern production facilities and a wide distribution network, allowing it to maintain its position as a leader in the Russian poultry market.
  2. Miratorg: Miratorg is another major player in the Russian poultry industry, known for its extensive poultry farming operations and high-quality products. The company has invested heavily in modernizing its production facilities and implementing advanced technologies to ensure efficiency and product excellence.
  3. Damate Group: Damate Group is renowned for its innovative approach to poultry farming and sustainable practices. The company has a strong presence in both domestic and international markets, offering a diverse range of poultry products to meet consumer demands.
  4. Agro-Belogorie: Agro-Belogorie is a key player in the Russian poultry industry, focusing on the production of poultry meat and related products. The company emphasizes quality control and food safety standards throughout its production process, earning it a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.
  5. Eurodon Group: Eurodon Group specializes in the production of turkey meat and is one of the leading turkey producers in Russia. The company’s commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability has helped it gain a competitive edge in the market.
  6. Baltika Broiler: Baltika Broiler is recognized for its high-quality broiler meat products and efficient production practices. The company operates modern poultry farms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing it to meet the growing demand for poultry products in Russia and beyond.
  7. Prioskolie: Prioskolie is a prominent poultry producer known for its focus on organic and free-range poultry farming. The company places a strong emphasis on animal welfare and natural feeding practices, catering to consumers who prioritize health and sustainability.
  8. Resurs Agro: Resurs Agro is a diversified agricultural company with significant interests in poultry production. The company’s integrated approach to farming, coupled with its investment in research and development, has helped it establish a strong presence in the Russian poultry market.
  9. Grimex Group: Grimex Group is a leading supplier of poultry products in Russia, offering a wide range of fresh and processed poultry meat to meet diverse consumer preferences. The company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction has contributed to its success in the industry.
  10. Belaya Ptitsa Group: Belaya Ptitsa Group is one of the oldest and most well-established poultry producers in Russia, with a history dating back several decades. The company’s extensive experience, coupled with its modern production facilities, ensures the consistent supply of high-quality poultry products to the market.

Conclusion: The Russian poultry industry is characterized by the presence of several major players who have demonstrated excellence in production, innovation, and sustainability. The top 10 poultry producers listed in this report play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for poultry products in Russia and contributing to the overall development of the agricultural sector.

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Top 10 Ukrainian Poultry Producers

The Ukrainian poultry sector is characterized by a competitive landscape comprising several key players contributing significantly to the industry’s development and expansion. As of the most recent update, the following companies stand out as top producers in the country:

Top 10 Ukrainian Poultry Producers

  1. MHP (Myronivsky Hliboproduct): MHP is a leading integrated poultry producer in Ukraine, known for its vertically integrated operations encompassing feed production, breeding, hatching, and processing.
  2. Agromars: Agromars is recognized for its extensive poultry farming operations and high-quality poultry products, catering to both domestic and international markets.
  3. Avangardco Investments Public Limited: Avangardco is a prominent player in the Ukrainian poultry industry, specializing in egg production and processing, with a focus on modern technologies and sustainable practices.
  4. Ovostar Union: Ovostar Union is renowned for its egg production and egg processing capabilities, leveraging advanced technologies to ensure product quality and food safety standards.
  5. Dniprovskiy Broiler: Dniprovskiy Broiler is a significant contributor to Ukraine’s poultry sector, focusing on broiler production and processing to meet the growing demand for poultry meat products.
  6. Poultry Farm “Dniprovskiy”: This poultry farm plays a crucial role in supplying poultry products to the Ukrainian market, emphasizing efficiency and productivity in its operations.
  7. Avis Agro Group: Avis Agro Group is involved in various agricultural activities, including poultry farming, with a commitment to sustainable practices and innovation in its production processes.
  8. Ukragrocom: Ukragrocom is a diversified agricultural company with interests in poultry production, contributing to Ukraine’s agricultural sector’s growth and development.
  9. UkrLandFarming PLC: UkrLandFarming PLC is a vertically integrated agricultural holding company with operations spanning various agricultural sectors, including poultry production, reflecting its significance in the Ukrainian poultry industry.
  10. Eurodon Group: Eurodon Group is notable for its focus on turkey production, offering a diverse range of turkey products to meet consumer preferences in both domestic and international markets.

It’s important to acknowledge that the rankings and positions of these companies within the industry may vary over time due to factors such as market dynamics, technological advancements, and regulatory changes. Thus, staying informed about the latest developments and trends in Ukraine’s poultry sector is essential for industry stakeholders and investors.

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