Report: World’s Top 10 Poultry Producers 2023

Executive Summary:

Poultry production plays a significant role in the global food industry, providing a reliable source of protein to millions of people worldwide. This report aims to provide an overview of the top 10 poultry producers in the world, highlighting their production volumes, key industry players, and trends in the poultry sector.

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Poultry production encompasses the breeding, rearing, and processing of domesticated birds for meat and eggs. It is a critical sector within the agriculture industry, catering to the increasing demand for affordable and nutritious protein sources.


This report is based on the latest available data up until September 2021. The ranking of the top poultry producers is determined by their annual production volume of poultry meat and eggs.

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Top 10 Poultry Producers:

  1. China: China ranks as the top poultry producer globally, with a significant focus on broiler chicken production. The country’s large population and growing middle class have contributed to high demand for poultry products.
  2. United States: The U.S. poultry industry is known for its advanced production methods and efficient processing facilities. Broiler chickens and turkey are the primary products, with a strong export market.
  3. Brazil: Brazil is a major player in both broiler and egg production. It benefits from abundant resources and favorable climate conditions for poultry farming.
  4. India: India’s poultry industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years due to changing dietary preferences and increasing urbanization. Broiler chicken is the dominant product in this market.
  5. Russia: Poultry production in Russia has been expanding steadily, driven by government support and investment in the agriculture sector. The country produces significant amounts of broiler meat and eggs.
  6. Mexico: Mexico has a strong poultry industry, producing broiler chicken, turkey, and eggs. It serves as a key supplier to both domestic and international markets.
  7. Indonesia: With a large and growing population, Indonesia has a substantial demand for poultry products. The country’s poultry sector focuses on broiler chicken production.
  8. Turkey: Turkey is a significant producer of both turkey meat and eggs. The country’s strategic location allows it to cater to both domestic and export markets.
  9. Thailand: Thailand’s poultry industry has grown consistently, thanks to a competitive export market and modern production practices. The country specializes in broiler chicken production.
  10. Vietnam: Vietnam has emerged as a notable poultry producer, primarily focusing on broiler chicken and duck production. The industry has shown potential for expansion and investment.

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Key Trends and Challenges:

  • Health and Safety Concerns: Disease outbreaks, such as avian influenza, pose significant challenges to the poultry industry, leading to culls and trade disruptions.
  • Sustainability: Environmental concerns and animal welfare considerations are driving the adoption of more sustainable practices in poultry production.
  • Technology Adoption: Automation and technology integration in poultry farms and processing plants enhance efficiency and product quality.
  • Global Trade: Poultry producers rely on international trade, making trade agreements and regulatory changes influential factors in the industry.

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The top 10 poultry producers listed in this report represent a diverse range of countries with distinct agricultural landscapes and consumer demands. Despite challenges, the poultry sector continues to grow, adapt, and innovate to meet the global demand for protein. As of 2021, these producers play a crucial role in ensuring a stable and affordable supply of poultry products to consumers worldwide.

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