This report provides an overview of the world's top 10 largest food services companies based on their revenue, market presence, and global impact.

Report: World’s Top 10 Largest Food Services Companies

Executive Summary:

This report provides an overview of the world’s top 10 largest food services companies based on their revenue, market presence, and global impact. The food services industry plays a vital role in providing meals, catering, and other related services to individuals, corporations, institutions, and other entities. The companies listed in this report have established themselves as major players in the industry through their diverse offerings, international reach, and consistent growth.


The information presented in this report is based on data available up until September 2021. The ranking of companies is determined primarily by their revenue and market capitalization, along with their influence and recognition within the food services industry.

Top 10 Largest Food Services Companies:

1. Compass Group PLC:

Revenue: Approximately $27 billion (2021) Compass Group is a British multinational corporation specializing in catering and support services. It operates in over 45 countries and provides food and support services to various sectors, including business and industry, education, healthcare, and sports and leisure.

2. Sodexo:

Revenue: Approximately $21.7 billion (2021) Sodexo is a French multinational corporation that offers a range of services including catering, facilities management, and employee benefits programs. It operates in over 80 countries and serves various industries such as healthcare, education, and corporate services.

3. Aramark:

Revenue: Approximately $16.3 billion (2021) Aramark is an American food service, facilities, and uniform services provider. It operates globally, serving industries such as education, healthcare, sports and entertainment, and business and industry.

4. Elior Group:

Revenue: Approximately $6.9 billion (2021) Elior Group is a French catering and food services company with a presence in more than 6 countries. It focuses on contract catering for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and more.

5. Sysco Corporation:

Revenue: Approximately $44.4 billion (2021) Sysco is an American company specializing in distributing food and related products to restaurants, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. It is one of the largest food distributors globally.

6. McDonald’s Corporation:

Revenue: Approximately $19.2 billion (2021) McDonald’s is an iconic American fast-food company with a global presence. It operates in more than 100 countries and serves millions of customers daily with its signature menu items.

7. Yum! Brands:

Revenue: Approximately $6.1 billion (2021) Yum! Brands is an American fast-food corporation that owns well-known brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. It operates in more than 150 countries.

8. Domino’s Pizza:

Revenue: Approximately $3.8 billion (2021) Domino’s Pizza is an American pizza restaurant chain with an international footprint. It is known for its efficient delivery services and digital ordering platforms.

9. Wendy’s Company:

Revenue: Approximately $1.7 billion (2021) Wendy’s is an American fast-food chain specializing in hamburgers. It operates in multiple countries and is known for its fresh, never frozen beef patties.

10. Restaurant Brands International (RBI):

Revenue: Approximately $5.6 billion (2021) RBI is a Canadian-American multinational fast-food holding company that owns popular brands including Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.


The food services industry continues to be a significant contributor to the global economy, providing a wide range of dining experiences and services to consumers around the world. The companies listed in this report have established themselves as leaders in this industry through their innovation, international expansion, and commitment to delivering high-quality products and services to their customers. As consumer preferences and trends evolve, these companies are likely to continue adapting and growing to meet the changing demands of the market.

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