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Discover how Tyson Foods’ seasoned leadership team and experienced board of directors are driving the company’s success with strategic vision and expertise in the food industry.

Tyson Foods Enterprise Leadership Team

The Enterprise Leadership Team at Tyson Foods consists of highly intelligent and quick-decision-making leaders who are driving the company’s rapid growth and shaping a bright future. This team includes:

  • Donnie King: Serving as President & CEO, Donnie King has a wealth of experience in the food industry, having held various leadership roles in Tyson Foods prior to becoming CEO.
  • Melanie Boulden: Holding the position of Group President, Prepared Foods and Chief Growth Officer, Melanie Boulden brings extensive experience in the consumer packaged goods sector to her role.
  • Adam Deckinger: Serving as General Counsel and Secretary, Adam Deckinger is a seasoned legal professional with a background in corporate law and compliance.
  • Doug Kulka: In the role of Chief Information & Technology Officer, Doug Kulka brings a strong technology background and experience in managing information systems.
  • Sandy Luckcuck: Leading as the Global McDonald’s Business Unit President, Sandy Luckcuck has a long history of working in the food and beverage industry.
  • Wes Morris: Serving as Group President, Poultry, Wes Morris has deep expertise in the poultry industry and has been with Tyson Foods for a significant period.
  • Jason Nichol: Holding the position of Chief Customer Officer, Jason Nichol has a strong background in sales and customer relations.
  • Johanna Söderström: Serving as Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Johanna Söderström has extensive experience in human resources and talent management.
  • Brady Stewart: Leading as Group President, Beef, Pork, and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Brady Stewart has a background in supply chain management and operations.
  • Amy Tu: Serving as President, International, Amy Tu brings her experience in international business to drive Tyson Foods’ global expansion.
  • John R. Tyson: Holding the position of Chief Financial Officer, John R. Tyson has a strong financial background and is a member of the Tyson family.

Board of Directors: Tyson Foods’ Board of Directors is a diverse group of successful leaders from various industries. The board is chaired by John Tyson, the grandson of the company’s founder. Some of the board members and their business experience include:

  • Noel White: As Executive Vice Chairman, Noel White has a deep background in the meat and poultry industry and served as Tyson Foods’ CEO.
  • Kevin M. McNamara: As Vice Chairman and Lead Independent Director, Kevin M. McNamara has experience in corporate governance and finance.
  • Maria Claudia Borras: Maria Claudia Borras brings a wealth of experience in the energy and engineering sectors to the board.
  • David J. Bronczek: David J. Bronczek has extensive experience in logistics and delivery services from his previous roles in major logistics companies.
  • Mikel A. Durham: Mikel A. Durham has a background in consumer products and has held leadership positions in various companies.
  • Cheryl S. Miller: Cheryl S. Miller has experience in finance and automotive industries and has served as a CFO in the past.
  • Jeffrey K. Schomburger: Jeffrey K. Schomburger has experience in the retail and consumer goods industries.

These individuals bring diverse expertise and extensive business experience to guide Tyson Foods in its strategic decisions and corporate governance.

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