This report unveils the top 10 largest poultry producers in Mexico, showcasing their production capacities, market dominance, and pivotal roles within the nation's poultry sector.


Discover the power players shaping Mexico’s poultry industry. This report unveils the top 10 largest poultry producers in Mexico, showcasing their production capacities, market dominance, and pivotal roles within the nation’s poultry sector.

Top 10 Poultry Producers in Mexico – Largest Poultry Companies 2023


Our report draws on comprehensive data from industry reports, authoritative websites, and trusted news sources. Rankings are determined by a blend of production volume, market share, and industry credibility.

Top 10 Poultry Producers in Mexico

  1. Bachoco:
    • Leading the pack is Bachoco, a poultry giant since 1952.
    • With vertically integrated operations, Bachoco covers breeding, hatcheries, feed production, and processing.
    • Domestically and internationally, Bachoco’s wide-reaching distribution network prevails.
  2. Grupo Kuo:
    • Diversified conglomerate Grupo Kuo commands the poultry sector.
    • Industrias Bachoco, its subsidiary, stands tall in Mexican poultry production.
    • Sustainability and ethics are Grupo Kuo’s hallmarks.
  3. Grupo Sanborns:
    • Enter Grupo Sanborns, a heavyweight in Mexico’s poultry arena.
    • Pilgrim’s Pride Mexico, its subsidiary, excels in poultry processing and production.
    • Pilgrim’s Pride Mexico’s footprint extends across multiple processing plants.
  4. Alpura:
    • Alpura, a dairy cooperative, extends into poultry with distinction.
    • High-quality products and animal welfare anchor Alpura’s identity.
  5. Tyson Foods Mexico:
    • Tyson Foods, the U.S. multinational, wields influence in Mexico’s poultry market.
    • Poultry processing plants cater to both domestic and global demand.
  6. Industrias Guadalupe:
    • Industrias Guadalupe, a seasoned poultry producer, commands recognition.
    • Varied poultry products underpin its prominence.
  7. Avimex:
    • Avimex occupies a vital space in Mexico’s poultry landscape.
    • Poultry products, spanning chicken and turkey, are Avimex’s forte.
  8. Saputo Inc. (Dairyworks):
    • Saputo Inc., hailing from Canada, intersects with Mexico’s poultry sector via Dairyworks.
    • Poultry products and dairy offerings coalesce in Dairyworks’ portfolio.
  9. Productos Agropecuarios La Huerta:
    • La Huerta not only engages in poultry but also embraces diverse agricultural endeavors.
    • A network of processing plants and robust domestic presence define La Huerta.
  10. Empresas Guadalupe:
    • Empresas Guadalupe’s prowess encompasses poultry production, processing, and distribution.
    • Accessibility in the Mexican market is a key attribute.

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These top 10 poultry producers wield formidable influence in Mexico’s burgeoning poultry industry. Ranging from vertically integrated titans to sustainability proponents, these players define the sector’s trajectory. Their adaptability to evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements guarantees a lasting impact on Mexico’s poultry landscape and beyond.

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