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Explore the Canadian Turkey Meat Industry in this comprehensive report, covering key aspects like industry structure, economic impact, market trends, challenges, and opportunities. Ideal for stakeholders and analysts interested in Canada’s agricultural sector.

Canadian Turkey Meat Industry Report


The Canadian turkey meat industry represents a vital part of Canada’s agricultural sector and plays a significant role in the country’s economy. This industry is characterized by its production, processing, and distribution of turkey products, encompassing a wide range of economic activities from farming to retail.

Industry Structure

Farming and Production

  • Producers: The industry primarily consists of family-owned turkey farms. These farms vary in size and production capacity.
  • Geographical Distribution: The majority of turkey production is concentrated in Ontario and Quebec, followed by the Prairie provinces.
  • Production Practices: The industry follows strict health and safety guidelines to ensure the quality of the birds. This includes regulated feeding, breeding, and housing conditions.

Processing and Distribution

  • Processing Facilities: These facilities are responsible for slaughtering, processing, and packaging turkey products.
  • Distribution Networks: The distribution of turkey meat is facilitated through a network of wholesalers, retailers, and food service providers.

Top 10 Canadian Turkey Meat Producers

  1. Exceldor Cooperative – Known for its poultry products, Exceldor is a major player in the Canadian turkey market.
  2. Butterball Canada – A subsidiary of the U.S.-based Butterball, LLC, it’s one of the most recognizable names in turkey products in North America.
  3. Maple Leaf Foods – A significant player in the Canadian food processing industry, Maple Leaf Foods offers a range of turkey products.
  4. Sofina Foods Inc. – This company is a major producer and distributor of both fresh and frozen turkey products.
  5. Sunrise Farms – They have a significant presence in the Canadian poultry industry, including turkey production.
  6. Lilydale Inc. – A subsidiary of Sofina Foods, Lilydale is also involved in turkey production.
  7. Ferme des Voltigeurs – Known for their organic and grain-fed poultry, including turkey, primarily serving the Quebec market.
  8. Olymel – A leader in the Canadian meat sector, Olymel produces a variety of meat products, including turkey.
  9. Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods – This company is involved in sustainable poultry farming, including turkey production.
  10. Eberly Poultry Farms – Known for organic and free-range poultry, they also produce turkey products.

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Economic Impact

  • Contribution to GDP: The turkey meat industry contributes significantly to the Canadian agricultural GDP.
  • Employment: It provides employment opportunities in farming, processing, distribution, and retail.
  • Exports: Canada exports turkey meat to various countries, adding to the industry’s economic significance.

Market Trends

Consumption Patterns

  • Domestic Consumption: There is a steady demand for turkey meat in Canada, with increased consumption during holidays.
  • Changing Preferences: There is a growing preference for organic and free-range turkey products among Canadian consumers.

Export Trends

  • Major Export Destinations: The United States is a primary market, along with other countries.
  • Export Challenges: The industry faces challenges like trade barriers and competition from other countries.

Challenges and Opportunities


  • Market Fluctuations: Prices and demand for turkey meat can be subject to seasonal and economic fluctuations.
  • Regulatory Environment: Compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations can be challenging.
  • Global Competition: Competing with turkey producers from other countries, especially the United States.


The Canadian turkey meat industry is a dynamic and significant sector that contributes to the national economy and provides essential food products. While facing certain challenges, the industry also presents opportunities for growth, sustainability, and innovation. Continued support and investment in this sector will ensure its ongoing success and resilience in the global market.

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