Danone’s Commitment to Mexico: A 100 Million-Euro Investment

Danone, renowned for its Danonino and Bonafont brands, has declared a significant investment in Mexico. The multinational food-products corporation is set to invest 100 million euros in 2024, marking a substantial financial commitment to the country. This announcement was made by Emilio Aguilar, Danone’s Vice President of Public Affairs, during a recent press conference.

Investment Aims: Innovation and Production Enhancement

Aguilar emphasized that the investment aligns with Danone’s previous financial inputs and is intended to support the maintenance of production lines and foster innovation within the country. He articulated the company’s vision, stating, “To grow our legacy we are going to continue innovating, continue growing, and continue investing in our business.” This statement underscores Danone’s long-term strategy in Mexico.

Celebrating 50 Years in Mexico with New Initiatives

The investment announcement coincides with Danone’s 50th anniversary in Mexico. Recently, the company ventured into the plant milk market with their new product, Bye Bye Muu. Additionally, they introduced an eco-friendly initiative with a label-free bottle made of recycled materials for Bonafont, their bottled water brand. However, specific plans for new product launches in Mexico this year remain undisclosed.

Recorded Growth and Post-Pandemic Strategy

In 2023, Danone experienced sustained growth, though exact sales figures were not revealed. The company benefited from the resumption of in-person schooling and office work. Post-pandemic consumer trends have led Danone to pivot back to on-the-go product formats, catering to increased demand as people return to schools and workplaces.

Navigating Challenges in an Election Year

Looking forward, Danone anticipates a challenging yet growth-oriented year, especially considering the upcoming elections. Aguilar conveyed a resilient outlook, remarking, “What we have learned in general in industries is that, with elections or without elections, we work and we evolve.” He stressed the importance of overcoming electoral challenges and remaining focused on production, employment generation, and ensuring product availability for consumers.

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