Poultry production is a significant sector within the agricultural industry in Spain, contributing substantially to the country’s economy and food supply. Spanning from large-scale industrial operations to smaller family-owned farms, the poultry industry in Spain is diverse and dynamic. This report aims to identify and highlight the top 10 poultry producers in Spain based on various criteria such as production volume, market share, and industry reputation.

Top 10 Spanish Poultry Producers:

  1. Grupo Fuertes:
    • Grupo Fuertes is one of the leading poultry producers in Spain, with a diversified portfolio encompassing poultry meat, processed poultry products, and animal feed. Their vertically integrated operations ensure quality control and efficiency throughout the production process.
  2. Coren:
    • Coren is a cooperative of over 4,000 farmers dedicated to poultry production. Renowned for their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, Coren has established itself as a prominent player in the Spanish poultry market.
  3. Grup Cal Forest:
    • Grup Cal Forest specializes in free-range and organic poultry production, catering to consumers’ increasing demand for ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products. Their emphasis on quality and innovation sets them apart in the industry.
  4. Avícola de Galicia:
    • Avícola de Galicia is known for its high-quality chicken and turkey products, serving both domestic and international markets. With state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on technological advancements, they maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
  5. Covap:
    • Covap is a cooperative with a strong presence in the poultry sector, offering a range of poultry products including fresh and processed chicken. Their commitment to traditional farming practices combined with modern production methods ensures product excellence.
  6. Nutreco Spain:
    • Nutreco Spain, a subsidiary of the global animal nutrition and aquafeed company Nutreco, is a key player in the Spanish poultry industry. Their expertise in animal nutrition contributes to the health and performance of poultry across the country.
  7. Miguel Vergara:
    • Miguel Vergara specializes in premium poultry products, focusing on heritage breeds and traditional production methods. Their dedication to quality and heritage has earned them a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally.
  8. Incasur:
    • Incasur is a major player in the Spanish poultry industry, with a diverse product range including chicken, turkey, and processed poultry products. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures continued growth and success.
  9. Pollos El Chico:
    • Pollos El Chico is recognized for its high-quality chicken products, catering to both retail and foodservice sectors. With a focus on freshness and flavor, they have secured a strong position in the Spanish poultry market.
  10. Agroalimentaria Montes Norte:
    • Agroalimentaria Montes Norte is a prominent poultry producer in Spain, known for its range of fresh and frozen poultry products. Their adherence to strict quality standards and efficient production processes makes them a reliable supplier in the industry.


The Spanish poultry industry is characterized by a diverse array of producers, each contributing to the country’s reputation as a leading poultry producer in Europe. While the top 10 producers listed in this report represent a mix of large corporations and smaller cooperatives, they all share a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring a bright future for the Spanish poultry sector.

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