Unprecedented Exodus

Numerous senior executives, totaling up to 10, bid adieu to Pilgrim’s Pride’s UK entities in the aftermath of a profound £4.2 billion restructure. The shake-up, characterized by insiders as “brutal,” witnessed the emergence of Pilgrim’s Europe, consolidating Moy Park, Pilgrim’s UK, and Pilgrim’s Food Masters.

Whistleblower Alert

A whistleblower’s earlier portrayal of the restructure as “brutal” foreshadowed the unfolding saga, predicting a significant culling of top-tier personnel within the JBS-owned conglomerate. The Grocer’s report in January anticipated the formation of a 15-member executive team for Pilgrim’s Europe, signaling a looming purge across the board.

Notable Exits

High-profile exits from key positions within the three businesses added to the narrative of upheaval. Departures included Moy Park CEO Chris Kirke, Pilgrim’s UK chief commercial officer Rachel Griffiths, and Pilgrim’s UK HR director Matthew Collington, among others. The exodus, confirmed via LinkedIn updates, underscored the magnitude of organizational flux.

Lingering Uncertainty

The departure spree revealed the lingering uncertainty and discontent within Pilgrim’s ranks, with some executives yet to update their profiles. While the company remained tight-lipped about the wave of exits, concerns raised earlier about lack of communication and transparency during the restructuring process reverberated throughout the organization.

Turbulent Restructure

Reports of discontent and mismanagement surrounding the restructuring process hinted at potential short-term repercussions for Pilgrim’s businesses. The absence of clarity regarding job security and operational models fueled anxiety among employees, creating a backdrop of uncertainty and apprehension.

Pilgrim’s Europe’s Vision

Despite the turbulence, Pilgrim’s Europe president Ivan Siqueira reiterated the collective strength of the conglomerate and its pivotal role in shaping the UK’s food industry landscape. Siqueira emphasized the mission of the new executive team to foster collaboration, integration, and synergies, albeit against the backdrop of organizational upheaval.

Impact Beyond Executive Suite

The ripple effects of Pilgrim’s restructuring extended beyond personnel changes, with Pilgrim’s Food Masters announcing plans to shutter its Dean Way factory, putting hundreds of jobs at risk. The move signaled broader operational recalibrations within the conglomerate, indicative of a tumultuous period of transition and adaptation.


The exodus of senior executives from Pilgrim’s Europe amid a landmark restructuring underscores the challenges and turbulence accompanying organizational realignment. As the conglomerate navigates through a period of uncertainty and change, the implications of these departures reverberate across the organization, shaping its trajectory in the evolving landscape of the UK’s food industry.

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Source: The Grocer UK

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