European countries that are driving aquaculture.

Discover a comprehensive list of Europe’s leading aquaculture producers, providing insights into the key players in the region’s thriving aquaculture industry.

The total organic aquaculture production at EU 27 level is estimated at 74.032 tonnes in 2020, accounting for 6.4 percent of the total EU aquaculture production. The production has increased by 60 percent compared to 2015 (46.341 tonnes at EU 27 level in 2015), this is mainly due to a growth in organic mussel production.

Based on data collected for this study (EU and national sources), the main species produced are mussels (41.936 tonnes), accounting for more than half of the total organic aquaculture production, followed by salmon (12.870 tonnes), trout (4.590 tonnes), carp (3.562 tonnes), oyster (3.228 tonnes) and European seabass/gilthead seabream (2.750 tonnes).

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