JBS Brazil Champions Forest Restoration with Innovative Green Offices Initiative

In a recent COP panel, JBS Brazil’s Sustainability Director, Liège Correia, unveiled the company’s Green Offices initiative, marking a significant stride in environmental conservation. The initiative has successfully restored over two thousand hectares, an area equivalent to two thousand soccer fields, showcasing JBS’s commitment to sustainability.

JBS’s Comprehensive Approach to Environmental Stewardship

The Green Offices project, launched in 2021, encompasses not just land regularization but also the dissemination of sustainable production techniques. It has provided crucial assistance to over 19 thousand farms, with more than 7 thousand making significant progress in socio-environmental compliance.

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Brazil’s Ambitious Environmental Restoration Program

The initiative aligns with Brazil’s National Program for the Conversion of Degraded Pastures (PNCPD), aiming to transform 40 million hectares of degraded land into arable areas within a decade. This program, backed by a Federal Decree, opens up investment opportunities worth up to US$120 billion, focusing on sustainable agricultural practices and operational support.

JBS’s Role in Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change Mitigation

Liège Correia emphasized JBS’s role in promoting sustainable land conversion and the need for financial support for small farmers. The company’s advocacy at COP highlighted Brazil’s potential in feeding the global population while combating climate change.

Government and Private Sector Collaboration for Sustainable Food Production

Brazilian government representatives underscored the importance of collaborative efforts to meet the program’s goals. The initiative is part of the new Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), seeking partnerships with international funds and the private sector to establish Brazil as a leading food supplier.

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Banco do Brasil’s Support for Sustainable Farming

Banco do Brasil’s sustainable finance expert, Jorge Gildi, outlined the bank’s commitment to the government’s goal, with a portfolio of R$200 billion earmarked for investments by 2030. This includes partnerships and funding for carbon market projects, aiming to position Brazil as a key player in sustainable agriculture.

JBS’s Continued Efforts in Sustainable Practices and Carbon Reduction

JBS’s initiatives extend to the state of Pará, with significant investments in cattle chain transparency and regenerative practices. The company is also a part of the First Movers Coalition for Food, focusing on low-carbon agricultural products.

JBS’s Global Commitment to Net Zero and Sustainable Food Systems

JBS’s global efforts, as presented by Jason Weller, Global Sustainability Director, include various financing methods for climate action and a focus on enhancing the sustainability of family farms. The company is working on developing detailed GHG “fingerprints” for value chains, aiming for targeted actions to reduce emissions.

JBS’s Strategy for a Sustainable Future

These comprehensive efforts are part of JBS’s strategy to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040, demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable food production.

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