JBS Joins First Mover Coalition for Food

Explore JBS’s commitment to sustainable agriculture through its recent inclusion in the First Movers Coalition for Food. Led by the World Economic Forum and supported by global entities, this initiative aims to revolutionize farming methods to reduce carbon emissions and support the Paris Agreement goals. CEO Jason Weller emphasizes the crucial role of sustainable practices in meeting global food demands while protecting the environment. Discover how leading companies and governments are collaborating to create a more sustainable future in agriculture, with expected outcomes by the second half of 2024.

JBS Joins Global Initiative to Advance Low-Carbon Livestock and Sustainable Agriculture

JBS is now part of the First Movers Coalition for Food. This is a big step for them. They want to help develop livestock that creates less carbon. The World Economic Forum leads this project. The UAE government and 19 companies also help. Their goal is to make farming better and more sustainable. They want to use new methods and technologies. This will help the planet by reducing carbon from agriculture. The members of the coalition have a plan. They want to work together to buy $20 billion worth of eco-friendly products.

Also, this coalition is an extension of another project. The First Movers Coalition for Industry started at a big meeting called COP26. This was in Glasgow, Scotland. US President Joe Biden and the World Economic Forum started it in 2021.

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JBS CEO Stresses Crucial Sustainable Agriculture

Jason Weller, who is the CEO of JBS Global, talked about this. He said that how we make food is very important. It helps us meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. These goals are about reducing global warming. At the same time, we need to feed more people in the world. He thinks that farming in a sustainable way is key. It can help us move to a world where agriculture doesn’t harm the environment as much.

Many different groups are part of this coalition. There are big agriculture businesses and other important partners. These include groups of farmers and researchers. Governments are also joining in. Together, they want to improve how we produce food. They aim to use new, sustainable ways of farming. By 2030, they hope to have a big demand for products made this way.

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Global Coalition Unites for Sustainable Farming Practices

The World Economic Forum shares more information. The companies in the coalition are very big. Together, they make $2.1 trillion. They work all over the world. These companies know that we need to farm in a way that’s better for the planet.

Starting in December 2023, they will begin working together. The World Economic Forum, the companies, and the governments will join forces. They will figure out how to support and grow this new way of farming. We can expect to see their first results in the second half of 2024.

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JBS Joins First Mover Coalition for Food
JBS Joins First Mover Coalition for Food
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