Tyson Foods Brand & Protix Brand with an insect on a leaf in the background.

Is Tyson Foods Secretly Selling Insect Protein To Humans?

The simple answer is:

Kind of…

Tyson Foods and Protix Partnership: Focused on Animal Feed, Not Human Food

Insect Protein for Pets, Not People
In a recent development, Tyson Foods, a company primarily known for its poultry products, has entered into a partnership with Protix, an insect protein firm. However, this collaboration is not what some might think. Contrary to circulating rumors, Tyson Foods has no plans to introduce insects into human food. Instead, their focus is on developing insect-based proteins for animal feed, including pet food and aquaculture.

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New Facility for Insect-Based Products
October 2023 marked a significant milestone for Tyson Foods and Protix as they announced plans to construct an insect ingredient facility in the United States. This facility isn’t for human food production but for breeding and processing insects for use in pet food, aquaculture, and livestock feed industries.

Tyson Foods’ Clear Stance: No Insects in Human Food
Tyson Foods has made it clear on their website and through official statements that their business remains centered on poultry, pork, and cattle. There is no mention or indication of venturing into insect-based products for human consumption.

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Edible Insects: Safe for Humans but Not Tyson’s Focus
While the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) acknowledges that insects can be a nutritious and safe food source for humans, Tyson Foods’ partnership with Protix is strictly for non-human consumption. Their aim is to utilize insects as a sustainable ingredient in animal feed, not for people’s dinner tables.

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