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Discover Tyson Foods’ latest achievement: a state-of-the-art smart facility in Southside, heralding a new era in food production technology and local employment. With insights from Plant Manager Nancy Frank and Governor Glenn Youngkin, learn how this 325,000-square-foot facility is not only revolutionizing the industry with advanced automation but also boosting the regional economy by creating over 400 jobs. A landmark development for Tyson Foods and Southside Virginia.

Tyson Foods Opens Innovative New Facility in Southside, Boosting Local Employment and Advancing Food Production Technology

In a significant development for the Southside region, Tyson Foods has officially opened its new facility, marking a milestone in the area’s economic and technological advancement. The grand opening, attended by key figures from Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Tyson Foods, signifies a major step forward in the region’s growth.

Plant Manager Nancy Frank Celebrates Operational Start of Innovative Facility

This 325,000-square-foot facility, a beacon of modern technology in food production, began its journey in 2021. Plant Manager Nancy Frank expressed excitement about the operational launch, focusing on team-building and innovation in food production. Her enthusiasm underscores the facility’s importance in Tyson Foods’ evolution.

Notably, this is Tyson Foods’ first venture into ‘smart’ facilities. It’s equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including robotic case packaging and high-speed palletizing. Impressively, the facility is set to produce an estimated 4 million pounds of Tyson Foods products weekly, showcasing the company’s commitment to efficiency and quality.

Automation is a key feature here, highlighted by Frank for its benefits in enhancing worker safety and production line efficiency. This approach positions Tyson Foods at the forefront of industry innovation.

Governor Glenn Youngkin Commends Facility as a Milestone in Southside Virginia’s Revitalization

Governor Glenn Youngkin’s presence at the opening ceremony further elevates the facility’s importance. He praised the facility as a testament to Southside Virginia’s ongoing development and revitalization. Governor Youngkin’s comments align with the broader vision of regional growth and prosperity.

Beyond its technological prowess, the facility is a major source of employment, creating over 400 new jobs. This is a significant contribution to the local economy, especially in a post-pandemic world. Governor Youngkin emphasized the positive trends in Virginia’s labor market, including increased labor participation and a growing labor force, suggesting that facilities like Tyson Foods’ are key contributors to these trends.

In summary, Tyson Foods’ new facility in the Southside region is not just a leap in food production technology but also a catalyst for local employment and economic growth. It stands as a symbol of the region’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to innovation and development.

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Tyson Foods Corporate Head Office

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