In a bid to enhance hen laying production, Cargill introduces REVEAL Layers, a cutting-edge solution poised to revolutionize poultry layer management, according to a recent press release from the company.

NIR Technology: A Non-Invasive Game-Changer

Cargill’s REVEAL Layers harnesses the power of Near InfraRed (NIR) technology, providing producers and nutritionists with instant insights into the body composition of their poultry. This innovative approach enables real-time adjustments to diets, crucial for optimizing long-term production and performance.

Addressing Fat Pad Challenges Head-On

Excessive fat pad development in laying hens has long been identified as a hurdle to sustained egg production and liver function. REVEAL Layers employs NIR light to precisely measure fat pad levels, furnishing producers with actionable data for refining diets. This not only promises to reduce feed costs but also holds the potential to elevate egg output and profitability, marking a significant advancement in supporting hen performance.

Empowering Producers with Data-Driven Decisions

Lieske van Eck, senior scientist at Cargill, emphasizes the role of REVEAL Layers in facilitating informed decisions about hen diets and egg production. By providing a comprehensive understanding of body fat dynamics, this technology contributes to a more sustainable and efficient poultry industry.

Unveiling at the 2024 International Production and Processing Expo

Cargill introduces REVEAL Layers at the prestigious International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), underscoring its commitment to driving innovation in poultry management.

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