Bachoco Denies Poultry Price-Fixing Allegations Amid Federal Investigation

In response to allegations brought forth by Mexico’s Federal Commission of Economic Competition (CFC), Bachoco, a leading poultry company, has issued a firm denial, vowing to contest the claims through legal means under Mexican jurisdiction.

The CFC’s announcement implicates Bachoco in purported price-fixing activities and collusion with other local poultry procurers, allegedly involving the exchange of sensitive information. The company’s stance comes after a prolonged investigation initiated in late 2009, which scrutinized various entities within the poultry industry.

Bachoco, along with other industry players, finds itself embroiled in a legal battle against the allegations, as detailed in a press release issued by the company. The unfolding saga underscores the gravity of antitrust concerns within Mexico’s poultry sector, raising pertinent questions about fair competition practices and regulatory oversight.

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Source: PYMNTS

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