A high-stakes legal showdown unfolds between retail giant Target and commodities powerhouse Cargill, as they clash over alleged beef price manipulation.

Target Joins Forces Against “Big 4”

Target escalates the antitrust lawsuit by teaming up with plaintiffs like Subway and Kroger’s, targeting Cargill, JBS, National Beef, and Tyson. Accusations include coordinated efforts to decrease cattle slaughter volumes, leading to inflated beef prices.

Allegations of Coordinated Production Decrease

Claims in the lawsuit point to incidents like the 2019 fire at a Tyson-owned beef plant in Kansas, alleging competitors slowed production in tandem. Target’s lawsuit questions the simultaneous decrease in production amid supply constraints.

Target’s lawsuit invokes the Sherman Antitrust Act to challenge the accused meat producers’ alleged monopolistic practices. However, the accused vehemently deny any wrongdoing, emphasizing their commitment to market integrity and ethical business conduct.

This legal skirmish adds to the ongoing legal battles against major players in the US meat industry. Settlements totaling hundreds of millions of dollars have already been reached in response to similar allegations, reflecting a broader legal offensive against industry giants.

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