JBS Canada Embarks on Beef Distribution Center Project in Canada

JBS Canada has initiated the construction of an C$80 million ($58.2 million) beef distribution center at its Brooks, Alberta location. The groundbreaking ceremony, held recently, was attended by local and national officials, as well as JBS executives, emphasizing the significance of this venture.

President of JBS Canada, Celio Fritche, acknowledged the pivotal role of the workforce in facilitating such a substantial investment. He expressed gratitude for their unwavering dedication to feeding Canadians daily, underscoring their contribution to the company’s success.

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Over 1,000 JBS employees participated in the groundbreaking ceremony, highlighting the enthusiastic support for this development. JBS Canada’s acquisition of the Brooks beef facility in 2013 laid the groundwork for this expansion, reflecting the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

Wesley Batista Filho, CEO of JBS USA, commended JBS Canada for its exemplary performance in the beef industry, positioning it as a model for other business units in North America. He emphasized that the new distribution center will enhance JBS Canada’s operational efficiency and technological advancements, ensuring its continued success.

The distribution center is slated for completion by the fourth quarter of 2025, with a focus on increasing shipping capacity by up to 40% and improving overall efficiency. Furthermore, the center is expected to reduce storage costs, minimize errors, and enhance worker safety, aligning with JBS’s commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.

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In a strategic move towards automation, JBS announced a partnership with Scott Technology in 2022 for a $71 million project aimed at automating warehousing operations. This initiative underscores JBS’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance its supply chain and operational efficiency.

JBS’s investment in the Brooks beef distribution center signifies a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory, positioning it for sustained success in the competitive beef industry.

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