Gregg Uecker has had a notable and successful career in the meat and poultry industry, particularly highlighted by his recent appointment as the Chief Supply Chain and Operations Officer at Perdue Farms. Before joining Perdue, Uecker amassed a wealth of experience during his time at CJ Schwan’s and Tyson Foods.

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At CJ Schwan’s, Uecker held the position of Executive Vice President of the Global Supply Chain. However, it was his extensive tenure at Tyson Foods that particularly stands out. Over more than three decades with Tyson, Uecker held various senior leadership roles, such as Senior Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain for Prepared Foods, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Strategy, and Vice President of Operations, among others. His responsibilities covered a wide range of areas including plant operations, live production, transportation and warehousing, customer service, food safety, quality assurance, procurement, and engineering.

Uecker’s career has been characterized by rapid promotions and a consistent rise through the ranks, demonstrating his proficiency and expertise in operational management and supply chain agility. His approach has always been proactive, focusing on continuous improvement, lean manufacturing techniques, and problem-solving. This was exemplified in his involvement with various projects, including groundbreaking work in automation, data collection, and maintenance management. His innovative mindset was particularly noted in his role at Tyson Foods, where he contributed to the design and development of a highly automated and technologically advanced bacon processing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Moreover, Uecker’s educational background in chemistry with an emphasis on business administration provided him with a unique perspective and approach to problem-solving and operational excellence. He was recognized for his achievements and leadership in the industry when he was named MEAT+POULTRY’s Operations Executive of the Year in 2022.

In summary, Gregg Uecker’s career trajectory is marked by significant contributions to operational excellence and innovation in the meat and poultry industry, making him a respected leader and a valuable asset to Perdue Farms​​​​​​.

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