Consumer Focus on Health Trends

In response to the growing emphasis on health among consumers, Wayne-Sanderson Farms is adapting its product lineup and messaging strategies. David Gadd, the company’s vice president of retail sales, highlights the increasing importance of health and wellness discussions surrounding food choices. Gadd notes a shift towards a desire for a balanced approach to nutrition rather than extremes in dieting.

Wayne-Sanderson’s “It’s All Good” Campaign

Wayne-Sanderson Farms launches the “It’s All Good” campaign, aimed at assisting consumers in finding a healthy equilibrium in their eating habits. The campaign encourages consumers to move away from the extremes of strict diets and unhealthy indulgences towards making food choices that contribute to overall well-being. Sanderson Farms chicken is positioned as a pivotal component in achieving this balance, catering to both nutritional needs and comfort cravings.

Perdue’s Response to Health Trends

Perdue, recognizing the sustained focus on health among consumers, pledges to address this demand in 2024. The company unveils a range of products, including Perdue Perfect Portions All Natural, Perdue Fresh Cuts Diced, and Perdue Ground Chicken, designed to align with health-conscious consumer preferences. These products are not only promoted for their health benefits but also for their ease of preparation, catering to the increasing demand for convenient meal solutions.

Convenient and Healthy Options by Perdue

Perdue Perfect Portions offers individually wrapped, fresh cuts of chicken that cook quickly and evenly in under 10 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience for consumers. Additionally, Perdue Fresh Cuts provides consumers with pre-cut, pan-ready chicken options, adding to the company’s commitment to convenience without compromising on freshness or nutritional value.

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