Tyson Foods Poultry Line

Tyson Foods lays off workers in Wilkesboro due to lower demand. Learn about the impact and responses.

Tyson Foods’ Wilkesboro Layoffs: Economic Struggles Amidst Declining Demand and Financial Woes

Tyson Foods, the largest employer in Wilkes County, has made a tough decision to lay off over a hundred employees at its processing plant in the area. The company cites dwindling customer demand as the reason behind this move.

In a prepared statement, Tyson acknowledged the reduction in second-shift employees and expressed their commitment to offering affected team members alternative positions within the Wilkesboro plant and other facilities. However, this comes as the company reported a significant financial setback, with a loss of $450 million in its fiscal-year fourth quarter and a staggering $648 million for the entire year.

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Tyson Foods Layoffs in Wilkesboro Raise Concerns as Company Skips WARN Act Notification

Wilkesboro town officials, who were informed of these layoffs over a month ago, have been monitoring the situation closely. Notably, the company did not file a WARN Act notice, but state Commerce Department officials are aware of the matter. To assist the affected workers, NCWorks, the state’s employment agency, has deployed staff members to provide support during these challenging times.

These developments underscore the ongoing economic challenges faced by communities across the nation and highlight the importance of vigilance in monitoring the well-being of our workforce. We will continue to follow this story closely and provide updates as they become available.

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Tyson Foods Poultry Line
Tyson Foods Poultry Line
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