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Innovative Child Care Program at Tyson Learning Center, Humboldt

Setting the Scene: Story Time in Tennessee

In the heart of Humboldt, Tennessee, at the Tyson Learning Center, it’s story time, a special moment under the guidance of teacher Tequeria Pewitte. As she gathers the children, all related to Tyson’s poultry plant workers, there’s a sense of community and care that goes beyond the usual.

Tyson’s Unique Solution for Employee Child Care Needs

Recognizing the need for accessible child care, Tyson Foods has taken an innovative step by partnering with KinderCare to run a facility that opens early to accommodate the schedules of their plant workers. Garrett Dolan from Tyson Foods explains the rationale: ensuring reliable child care aligns with their operational hours is crucial for their workforce.

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Tyson Foods Child Care

Driving Force Behind the Initiative

Garrett Dolan, a human resources strategist at Tyson, spearheaded the company’s new child care program. With a substantial investment of nearly $5 million, Tyson has tackled a significant challenge in rural areas: the scarcity of affordable child care options. This scarcity often deters potential workers, as Dolan points out the financial dilemma faced by many employees in balancing income with child care costs.

Marketplace Morning Report: A Broader Perspective

The issue of affordable child care is gaining attention across various industries in the U.S. The federal government is stepping in, especially in sectors like the semiconductor industry, mandating child care plans for companies seeking significant CHIPS Act funding, as explained by Adrienne Elrod, director at the CHIPS Program Office.

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Tyson’s Pilot Program: A Response to Workforce Needs

The Humboldt center is Tyson’s pilot project, strategically located in Tennessee due to its robust child care subsidy. The program offers affordable care, with parents paying substantially less than the state average. This initiative is not just about affordability; it’s about providing vital support for shift workers like Tiffany Butler, a mother of five and Tyson employee, who views the center as a gateway to re-enter the workforce.

The Impact and Future of Tyson’s Child Care Initiative

Tiffany Butler’s story is a testament to the program’s success. The facility not only supports her family’s well-being but also reinforces her loyalty to Tyson. This kind of benefit, known as a “sticky benefit,” is seen as a key factor in retaining employees. However, Elliot Haspel, an author on America’s childcare crisis, warns about the potential exclusion of gig workers and others without regular employment from such benefits.

Assessing the Program’s Effectiveness and Potential Expansion

Tyson acknowledges the need for a thorough evaluation of the Humboldt program over the next few years. Success will be measured not just in worker retention and reduced absenteeism, but also in the positive impact on Tyson’s community reputation, as highlighted by Garrett Dolan. If successful, this could signal a broader trend in industry-supported child care solutions.

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