Tyson Ventures Invites Startups to Revolutionize Food Supply Chain at Demo Day 2024

Tyson Ventures, the venture capital branch of Tyson Foods headquartered in Springdale, is now accepting applications for its highly anticipated third annual Tyson Demo Day. The event provides a unique platform for startups to collaborate with one of the largest global food companies, specializing this year in innovations across the food supply chain.

Focus on Supply Chain Innovations

The 2024 Tyson Demo Day is dedicated to transforming the food supply chain through advanced technologies. Tyson Ventures is seeking startups that are pioneering solutions in logistics software, distribution, warehousing, traceability, transparency, animal welfare, cold chain management, inventory management, forecasting and predictive analytics, supplier management, and sourcing technology.

John R. Tyson, the President and CFO of Tyson Ventures, emphasized the event’s mission: “Our vision for Tyson Demo Day 2024 is to become a significant catalyst of groundbreaking supply chain technology by bringing startups together to collaborate with Tyson Foods. Together, we can reimagine, innovate, and elevate the protein supply chain across every touchpoint.”

Application and Selection Process

Startups interested in participating have until May 3 to submit their applications. The selection process is competitive, aiming to identify companies that can deliver innovative solutions aligned with Tyson Foods’ strategic objectives. Selected startups will be notified in June and invited to present their ideas in Springdale on July 17, directly to Tyson Foods’ top executives, including John R. Tyson.

Kate Powell, an associate manager at Tyson Ventures, highlighted the importance of the event, stating, “The selected companies will be pitching to people who are integral decision-makers in the business.”

Opportunities for Startups

Participating startups stand to gain significant benefits from attending Tyson Demo Day. These include mentorship from seasoned Tyson Foods executives, access to pilot programs, testing opportunities, potential proof of concept projects, and the possibility of forging commercial partnerships.

Last Year’s Focus and Successes

Reflecting on the previous year’s theme centered on sustainability, Tyson Demo Day 2023 was a resounding success. It attracted applications from over 15 countries, from which 11 startups were chosen to travel to Springdale and pitch their innovative solutions. Of these, four were selected for further exploration of potential collaborative ventures.


Tyson Demo Day 2024 promises to be a pivotal event in the food industry, particularly in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of the food supply chain. By fostering a collaborative environment between established industry leaders and agile startups, Tyson Ventures is setting the stage for significant advancements in food technology. Startups with the vision to transform the food supply chain are encouraged to apply and potentially partner with Tyson Foods, paving the way for innovative solutions that could shape the future of the food industry.

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