China stands as the world’s largest pork producer, dominating the global market with its vast swine industry. From traditional family farms to modern commercial operations, the country boasts a diverse landscape of pork production. Here, we delve into the top 10 pork producers in China, shedding light on their contributions to this essential sector of the Chinese economy.

Top 10 Pork Producers in China: Powerhouses of the Swine Industry

  1. WH Group Limited (formerly Shuanghui Group): As the largest pork company globally, WH Group has a significant presence in China, operating numerous processing plants and breeding facilities across the country. Its flagship brand, Shuanghui, is a household name synonymous with quality pork products.
  2. Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co., Ltd.: A subsidiary of WH Group, Henan Shuanghui is a leading pork producer in Henan Province, known for its advanced production techniques and strict quality control measures.
  3. Muyuan Foods Co., Ltd.: Muyuan Foods is one of China’s largest vertically integrated pork producers, with operations spanning pig breeding, farming, and pork processing. The company’s focus on innovation and sustainability has propelled its growth in the industry.
  4. New Hope Liuhe Co., Ltd.: New Hope Liuhe is a diversified agribusiness company with a significant presence in China’s pork sector. Leveraging its extensive network of farms and feed mills, the company plays a pivotal role in meeting domestic pork demand.
  5. Wens Foodstuffs Group Co., Ltd.: Wens Foodstuffs Group is among China’s largest integrated pig breeding and pork processing companies. With a focus on technological innovation and quality assurance, Wens has established itself as a key player in the Chinese pork industry.
  6. CP Pokphand Co., Ltd.: CP Pokphand is a leading agribusiness conglomerate with operations spanning animal feed production, livestock farming, and pork processing. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices has earned it recognition in the Chinese market.
  7. Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd.: Dabeinong is a prominent player in China’s agricultural sector, with interests in pig breeding, animal health products, and agricultural technology. The company’s integrated approach to pork production ensures efficiency and quality throughout the supply chain.
  8. Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly Co., Ltd.: Shanghai Jiaoda Onlly is a leading producer of veterinary drugs and animal health products in China. With a focus on enhancing animal welfare and disease prevention, the company supports the growth of the domestic pork industry.
  9. Tecon Biology Co., Ltd.: Tecon Biology specializes in the research, development, and production of animal vaccines and diagnostic kits. Its products play a vital role in safeguarding the health and productivity of China’s pork-producing livestock.
  10. Lihua Group Corporation Limited: Lihua Group is a major player in China’s feed and livestock industries, with a focus on sustainable development and technological innovation. The company’s integrated approach to pork production ensures traceability and quality assurance.

These top 10 pork producers in China represent the forefront of the country’s swine industry, driving innovation, sustainability, and quality across the supply chain. As China continues to play a dominant role in the global pork market, these companies are poised to shape the future of pork production both domestically and internationally.

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