List of major seafood companies

Explore the top 30 seafood giants globally, dominating the industry with innovative, sustainable practices in fishing, processing, and distribution.

Top 30 Largest Seafood Companies in the World

The global seafood industry has a market size of $165.51 billion and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% through 2027 and 2.7 trillion fish are caught each year.

The top 30 Global Seafood Industry Leaders:

  1. Marubeni America: The U.S. subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, a major Japanese integrated trading and investment business conglomerate. Marubeni America is involved in various industries including food products, materials, and energy.
  2. Austevoll Seafood: A Norwegian company primarily involved in fishing and fish processing, focusing on pelagic fish and salmon. It’s known for sustainable fishing practices and high-quality seafood products.
  3. Schouw & Co.: A Danish industrial conglomerate with interests in several sectors, including bio-science, packaging, and marine-related industries. They invest in and develop industrial businesses.
  4. Maruha Nichiro: A Japanese seafood company, one of the largest in the world. It deals with a wide range of marine products, from fishing to processing and sales.
  5. Nippon Suisan Kaisha: Also known as Nissui, it’s a Japanese corporation specializing in fishing, aquaculture, and the production of seafood products.
  6. Charoen Pokphand Foods: A Thai conglomerate and one of the world’s largest producers of feed and shrimp. They are also involved in various agro-industrial and food businesses.
  7. Mowi: Formerly known as Marine Harvest, Mowi is a Norwegian seafood company, one of the largest producers of farmed salmon.
  8. Thai Union Group: A Thailand-based producer of seafood-based food products, known for its global brands in the canned tuna industry.
  9. Mitsubishi: A Japanese multinational conglomerate, Mitsubishi has a diverse portfolio including finance, banking, energy, machinery, chemicals, and food.
  10. Dongwon Enterprise: A South Korean company with a focus on seafood and logistics. They are known for their involvement in tuna fishing and processing.
  11. Trident Seafoods: An American seafood company, one of the largest vertically integrated seafood companies in North America.
  12. Skretting: A global company specializing in the manufacturing and supply of aquaculture feeds, contributing to sustainable aquaculture practices.
  13. Cooke Aquaculture: A Canadian-based, family-owned company, Cooke is a major global player in seafood farming and processing.
  14. Kyokuyo: A Japanese company engaged in the fishing, import, export, and processing of seafood products.
  15. Red Chamber: A prominent player in the seafood industry, Red Chamber is based in the United States and involved in the processing and distribution of a wide range of seafood products.
  16. Cargill Aqua Nutrition: Part of Cargill Inc., this division specializes in producing innovative fish feed products that support sustainable aquaculture practices.
  17. F.C.F. Fishery: A Taiwan-based company, F.C.F. is one of the largest integrated marine industry supply-chain service providers.
  18. SalMar: A Norwegian fish farm company, SalMar is one of the largest producers of farmed salmon.
  19. Astoria Pacific Seafoods: A U.S.-based seafood processor, specializing in a variety of seafood products, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability.
  20. Nueva Pescanova: A Spanish seafood company, specializing in fishing, farming, processing, and marketing of fresh, refrigerated, and frozen seafood products.
  21. Labeyrie Fine Foods: A French company known for producing high-quality gourmet foods, particularly in the seafood and delicatessen sectors.
  22. Shanghai Fisheries General Corporation: A Chinese state-owned enterprise focused on fishing, aquaculture, and the processing of seafood products.
  23. Tri Marine Group: A global company engaged in tuna supply and processing, with a strong focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing.
  24. Bumble Bee Foods: A U.S.-based company known for its canned tuna, salmon, and other seafood products. It’s one of the leading seafood brands in North America.
  25. High Liner Foods: A Canadian company and North America’s largest processor and marketer of frozen seafood products.
  26. Yokohama Reito Co.: A Japanese company engaged in the distribution of frozen foods, refrigerated warehousing, and logistics services.
  27. Wales Group: A group that may refer to several entities; further context is needed for a specific summary.
  28. Parlevliet van der Plas: A Dutch company known for its sustainable fishing practices, specializing in pelagic fishing and seafood processing.
  29. Nomad Foods: A British company, Nomad Foods is Europe’s leading frozen food company and the owner of several iconic brands like Birds Eye, Findus, and Iglo.
  30. Royal Greenland: A Greenlandic fishing company, it’s one of the world’s leading groups in cold-water prawns and other seafood products, focusing on sustainable fishing.

These summaries provide a glimpse into the diverse operations and specializations of each major fishery corporation in the seafood and related industries.

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List of major seafood companies
List of major seafood companies

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