The 10 countries/region leading the way for cultivated meat

1. Singapore – the world’s first country to approve the sale of cultivated meat in December 2020.

2. Israel – recently invested $18M into a nationwide cultivated meat consortium.

3. The United States – Upside Foods received FDA GRAS, becoming the first American company to have its products deemed safe to eat.

4. The European Union – In 2020, the EU’s Farm to Fork strategy included alternative proteins as a “key area of research” for a “fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system”.

5. Specifically Norway and The Netherlands – Netherlands injected €60M into the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands consortium and Norway set up a five-year research project into cellular agriculture with €2M in annual public funding.

6. The United Kingdom – Government policy papers suggest that cultivated would be a part of the country’s successful post-Brexit economic plan.

7. Australia & 8. New Zealand – In Australia and New Zealand, regulators say their existing Novel Foods Standard will already be able to accommodate foods made through cell-ag tech.

9. Japan – The Japanese government has supported homegrown startup IntegriCulture, awarding it a ¥240M (US$2.2M) grant in 2020 to build its first commercial bioreactor.

10. China – Its latest five-year agricultural plan specifically included cultivated meat and “artificial protein” for the first time.

Source: Greenqueen for more info.

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