JBS’s ambitious new beef plant

JBS S.A. announces a bold vision: Diamantino plant to become Latin America’s largest beef facility. Learn about the R$300 million expansion plan.

JBS S.A. Unveils Ambitious Plan to Transform Diamantino Plant into Latin America’s Largest Beef Processing Facility

JBS S.A. has announced ambitious plans to not only reopen its beef processing operations in Diamantino, Mato Grosso, on November 20 but also to transform it into the largest beef plant in all of Latin America. This significant project will see an initial investment of R$300 million (equivalent to $62 million).

After a fire disrupted operations at the Friboi brand facility earlier this year in June, the facility had to cease its activities temporarily. With the plant now back in action, it will begin with an initial processing capacity of 600 head of cattle per day, with plans to ramp up to 1,800 in the coming weeks. The plant, which operates in two shifts, employs a workforce of 3,000 individuals.

JBS CEO Gilberto Xandó’s Vision for Regional Growth and Diamantino Plant Expansion

Gilberto Xandó, the CEO of JBS Brazil, stressed the company’s commitment to regional development, saying, “This investment underscores our dedication to fostering growth in the regions where we are active. In the State of Mato Grosso alone, we already provide employment to over 9,500 individuals.”

JBS has grand aspirations for the Diamantino plant, with a long-term vision of achieving a capacity of 3,600 head per day. The expansion project is slated for completion by 2024 and will encompass the addition of new facilities, including a freezing tunnel, an expanded packaging area for vacuum-packed products, and a dedicated zone for future production lines specifically designed for portioned beef cuts.

Renato Costa Highlights Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation at Diamantino Facility for Beef Processing”

Renato Costa, the President of Friboi, emphasized, “The Diamantino facility boasts state-of-the-art automation and the latest beef processing and freezing technologies, with a strong focus on value-added and portioned products.”

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