Tyson Foods hacked by cybercriminals

The Tyson Foods ransomware attack, by the Snatch cartel, rattled the meat industry, spotlighting its vulnerability to cyber threats. What did they manage to extract?

Tyson Foods Hit by Ransomware: Cybercriminals Demand Millions – Will They Pay Up?

In the realm of high-stakes SEO, it appears that Tyson Foods, a global heavyweight in the poultry, beef, and pork processing industry, has fallen prey to a ransomware assault. The digital siege is orchestrated by the Snatch ransomware cartel, infamous for showcasing exploits on a dedicated blog and Telegram channel.

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Ransomware Enigma: What Do Cyber Attackers Know About Tyson Foods’ Future Plans?

The malefactors orchestrating this cyberattack have thus far kept their cards close to their chest, refraining from disclosing the nature of the data they may have infiltrated. However, a tantalizing breadcrumb on Snatch’s Telegram channel hints at the possibility of them having acquired insight into the company’s future strategies.

Security Concerns Loom as Tyson Foods, a $53 Billion Giant, Faces Possible Breach in Peripheral Systems

The absence of concrete data samples raises the specter of a potential breach in a peripheral system or branch of Tyson Foods. It’s important to note that Tyson Foods is a colossal player in the global food industry, boasting revenues exceeding $53 billion last year, and employing a workforce exceeding 142,000 individuals. The company is the bedrock supplier for renowned chains such as KFC, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and others, responsible for providing them with a variety of meat-based offerings.

Meat Producers in the Crosshairs: JBS’ $11 Million Ransom – A Glimpse into the High-Stakes World of Cyberattacks on the Food Industry

The cyber landscape has identified meat producers as attractive targets for digital marauders.After a REvil attack, JBS, the world’s largest meat processor, temporarily halted U.S. slaughterhouse operations.In a desperate bid to avert costly downtime, JBS ultimately capitulated to the attackers’ demands and reportedly disbursed an $11 million ransom.

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Snatch Ransomware: The Silent Threat Emerging Since 2018, Unveiling a Unique Ransomware-as-a-Service Approach and a Staggering 95 Victims in the Last Year

Snatch may not be a household name in the realm of ransomware, but it has been lurking in the shadows since 2018. The group adopts a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) distribution model, leveraging Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerabilities to exploit its victims. Notably, they appear to abstain from recruiting English-speaking affiliates, as per revelations from the software security firm Grindinsoft.

According to Ransomlooker, a ransomware monitoring tool by Cybernews, Snatch has victimized no fewer than 95 organizations in the past year alone. Their manifesto emphasizes victim notification, negotiation priority, and vulnerability details confidentiality—unique in the ransomware landscape.

Source: Cybernews

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