Mowi Norway encountered an exceptionally challenging first quarter in 2024, characterized by winter sores, severe jellyfish incidents, and harsh weather conditions. Despite these obstacles, the company remains optimistic about achieving its full-year projections. Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim shared the quarterly results in Bergen, Norway, highlighting the resilience of the company in navigating these environmental hurdles.

Unprecedented Environmental Challenges

Mowi Norway faced a unique set of challenges in Q1 2024 that significantly impacted operations. Winter sores, caused by harsh weather conditions, and severe incidents involving string jellyfish created a “perfect storm” of difficulties. An unusually cold and stormy winter exacerbated these issues, presenting significant hurdles for Mowi’s Norwegian farms.

Vindheim acknowledged the tough quarter, stating, “We landed on our feet after a quarter which will go down in history as one of our more challenging quarters.” Despite these environmental challenges, Mowi’s other farming regions demonstrated much stronger performances, underscoring the company’s overall resilience.

Impact on Operations and Prices

The harsh environmental conditions in Norway affected Mowi’s production and operations. The winter sores and jellyfish incidents led to reduced fish health and higher mortality rates, impacting the company’s output. Additionally, the cold and stormy weather conditions disrupted farming activities, further complicating the situation.

These challenges also had a ripple effect on prices. The reduced supply of healthy fish and the operational disruptions led to fluctuations in market prices. However, Mowi’s diversified operations across different regions helped mitigate the overall impact on the company’s financial performance.

Strong Performance in Other Regions

While Mowi Norway struggled with environmental challenges, the company’s other farming areas recorded much better performances. These regions benefited from more favorable conditions, leading to higher production levels and better fish health. The strong performance in these areas helped balance the difficulties faced in Norway, contributing to the company’s overall stability.

Vindheim highlighted the importance of diversification in Mowi’s operations, noting that the strong results from other regions provided a crucial buffer against the challenges in Norway. This diversification strategy ensures that the company can withstand localized issues and maintain overall performance.

Outlook for the Full Year

Despite the tough start to the year, Mowi remains confident in achieving its full-year projections. Vindheim expressed optimism about the company’s ability to recover and meet its targets. The steps taken to address the challenges in Norway and the strong performance in other regions provide a solid foundation for future growth.

“The first quarter was undoubtedly tough, but we have proven our resilience and ability to adapt,” Vindheim said. “We are on track to hit our full-year projections and continue delivering value to our shareholders.”

Mitigating Future Risks

Mowi is taking proactive measures to mitigate similar risks in the future. The company is investing in advanced monitoring systems and better infrastructure to withstand harsh weather conditions and jellyfish incidents. These investments aim to improve the resilience of Mowi’s operations and ensure sustainable production.

Additionally, Mowi is enhancing its biosecurity measures to prevent and manage winter sores more effectively. By focusing on fish health and environmental management, the company aims to reduce the impact of similar challenges in the future.


Mowi Norway’s first quarter of 2024 was marked by significant challenges due to severe environmental conditions. However, the company’s ability to navigate these difficulties and remain on track for its full-year projections highlights its resilience and strategic strength. With ongoing investments in risk mitigation and strong performances in other regions, Mowi is well-positioned to achieve its goals and continue its trajectory of growth.

The first quarter’s difficulties will be remembered as a testament to Mowi’s resilience and adaptability in the face of unprecedented challenges. As the company moves forward, it remains committed to delivering value and maintaining its leadership position in the global salmon industry.

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