JBS, the world’s largest poultry producer, recently announced that its Seara business unit has achieved a 4.8% year-over-year increase in net revenue for the first quarter of fiscal year 2024. This growth reflects robust sales in both the Brazilian and international markets. The financial results, released on May 14, underscore the effectiveness of strategic modifications and operational improvements implemented by the company.

Seara’s Impressive Q1 Performance

For the first quarter, Seara recorded a net revenue of US$2.08 billion. This figure represents a slight decrease from the US$2.11 billion reported in the previous quarter but marks an increase from the US$1.99 billion achieved during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023. Despite facing challenges in 2023, Seara’s recent performance indicates a positive turnaround, driven by strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies.

Strategic Improvements and Financial Gains

JBS acknowledged that Seara’s results for 2023 were “below expectations.” However, the company made significant changes to improve financial performance, including a focus on people management and disciplined execution of an action plan to capture opportunities. Lower grain costs and a better supply-demand balance also contributed to the favorable financial outcomes in the most recent quarter.

Domestic Market Performance

In the domestic market, which accounts for half of the unit’s revenue, Seara saw a 0.5% increase in sales for the quarter. This growth was driven by a 5% increase in volume, although prices decreased by 2.9%. The ability to balance volume growth with price adjustments demonstrates the effectiveness of Seara’s domestic market strategies.

International Market Success

Seara’s performance in the export market was equally noteworthy. The unit achieved a 7% growth in average prices in dollars, despite a 3% decrease in volumes. This increase in international prices highlights the strong demand and strategic positioning of Seara’s products in the global market.

Optimistic Outlook for 2024

JBS Global CEO Gilberto Tomazoni expressed optimism about Seara’s continued performance for the remainder of 2024. He emphasized the importance of closing operational gaps, normalizing grain costs, and increasing volume in the domestic market as key factors contributing to a promising outlook.

“The closing of some operational gaps, the normalization of grain costs, and the growth in volume in the domestic market reinforce promising prospects for Seara this year. We maintain our focus on identifying consumer preferences and capturing operational opportunities,” said Tomazoni.

JBS: Leading the Poultry Industry

As the world’s largest poultry producer, JBS continues to solidify its leadership position. In 2023, the company slaughtered over 4.4 billion broilers, with approximately 2.04 billion dedicated to the Seara brand. This significant volume underscores JBS’s commitment to meeting global demand with high-quality poultry products.


The first quarter of fiscal year 2024 has established a strong foundation for Seara, reflecting JBS’s strategic efforts and market responsiveness. With a continued focus on operational improvements and strategic market positioning, Seara is well-positioned to sustain its growth trajectory and deliver value to its stakeholders.

JBS’s robust performance in the first quarter highlights the company’s resilience and adaptability in a competitive market. As JBS continues to leverage its strengths and capitalize on new opportunities, the future outlook for the Seara unit remains bright.

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