A Call for Financial Support to Farmers by JBS CEO Gilberto Tomazoni: In a recent gathering at Davos, Gilberto Tomazoni, the CEO of JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, highlighted the critical challenges of feeding the burgeoning global population while simultaneously addressing climate change concerns. Tomazoni emphasized the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture and the need for financial support for small-scale producers.

Sustainable Food Production: A Global Priority

JBS CEO Discusses Balancing Sustainability and Affordability in Food Production At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Tomazoni raised concerns about the rising costs of sustainable food production, particularly for the poorer sections of society. He noted that a third of the global population lacks access to adequate nutrition, making it crucial to equip small producers with the necessary resources and knowledge to adopt more sustainable methods.

The Role of JBS in Global Food Sustainability

JBS Joins First Movers Coalition for Sustainable Food Production Headquartered in Brazil, JBS has recently joined the First Movers Coalition for Food at COP28 alongside other major food companies. This initiative aims to leverage the purchasing power of large corporations and governments to promote sustainable production methods in the food industry.

Leveraging Technology and Finance in Agriculture

Tomazoni Highlights the Need for Investment in Sustainable Agricultural Practices Tomazoni pointed out the disparity between the food sector’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and its share of climate financing. He stressed the importance of providing initial capital to small producers to help them transition to sustainable practices, thereby reducing land clearing and boosting productivity.

JBS’s Commitment to Feeding the World Sustainably

The World’s Largest Food Company by Revenue Takes on Sustainability JBS, a global leader in protein-based food products, has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. With a significant global presence and a wide range of brands, the company focuses on working with farmers to improve agricultural practices and prevent deforestation.

Brazil’s JBS Pioneering Environmental Initiatives

JBS’s Efforts in Brazil to Support Small Producers and Combat Deforestation In Brazil, JBS’s Green Offices initiative aids small producers in adhering to environmental regulations and promoting low-carbon livestock practices. The company has invested significantly in tracking cattle to prevent deforestation and supports projects aimed at sustainable farming in the Amazon region.

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