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IQI Joins Forces with OSI Group Global Food Industry Collaboration

In a significant move, IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients has officially joined OSI Group, LLC. This collaboration, effective from October 18, brings together IQI, a leader in pet food ingredients, with OSI Group, a global supplier of a wide range of food products including meat and vegetables.

Expanding Horizons through Strategic Partnership Enhanced Supply Chain and Customer Reach

This partnership promises to be a game-changer for IQI. By tapping into OSI Group’s extensive supply chain, IQI is set to broaden its reach to new customers, expand its product portfolio, and strengthen its supply relationships. This strategic move is not just about expansion; it’s also focused on developing innovative, premium ingredients for the pet food industry.

A Shared Vision for Industry Excellence Leadership Comments on the Merger

Mark Oostendorp, CEO of IQI, is enthusiastic about the benefits of this step. He points out that OSI’s commitment to providing solutions aligns perfectly with IQI’s approach in the pet food sector. He believes this partnership will transform IQI into a global leader in animal and plant-based products and foster the co-creation of innovative solutions for their suppliers and customers.

Leveraging Strengths for Market Innovation Utilizing IQI’s Expertise in Pet Food

OSI Group plans to utilize IQI’s capabilities in pet food and functional ingredients across various categories. This includes animal protein, fish, Omega 3 fish oil, vegetables, and novel ingredients. The partnership also entails sharing IQI’s comprehensive process with OSI Group, encompassing ingredient sourcing, quality assurance, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and more.

Enhancing Customer Solutions Through Collaboration OSI Group Welcomes IQI to Its Global Family

Mark Richardson, Senior Executive Vice President of OSI International, emphasizes the partnership’s aim to integrate OSI’s extensive industry relationships directly with IQI’s customers. OSI Group is excited to welcome IQI into its global family and is looking forward to working together to create innovative ingredients that deliver unique solutions for IQI’s customers.

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