Discover how Cargill is making a positive impact through sustainability, food security, health, and inclusion in the communities it operates. Learn about their initiatives and partnerships driving corporate responsibility.

Cargill’s Four Key Corporate Responsibility Themes: Sustainability, Food Security, Health, and Inclusion

Cargill defines corporate responsibility as a commitment to making a positive impact in the communities where it operates. The company focuses on four key themes of corporate responsibility:

  1. Sustainability: Cargill aims to reduce beef emissions from its North American beef supply chain by 30% by 2030 through its BeefUp Sustainability initiative. They believe agriculture offers opportunities to reduce their carbon footprint and work with ranchers and farmers to achieve this goal.
  2. Food Insecurity: Cargill addresses food insecurity by initiatives that bridge the protein “gap” experienced by communities in need. They recently donated $4.9 million to the Feeding America network to increase the supply of nutritious protein to food banks.
  3. Health: Cargill is dedicated to building healthy communities and supports projects like the Columbus Community Hospital Foundation’s fieldhouse project in Nebraska. This project includes facilities for various sports and activities to promote community health.
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Cargill Protein North America has funded initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in Wichita, including a collaboration with non-profits and education communities to enhance education success and workforce readiness.

Cargill emphasizes the importance of partnerships with non-profits, universities, and customer partners to address the unique needs of individual communities. They also recognize the increasing importance of transparency and sustainability to consumers in the food industry and collaborate with other organizations, such as Nestlé and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, to support sustainable grazing projects.

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