In a strategic move aimed at bolstering food security, BRF and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) have signed a significant product supply agreement. This agreement allows SALIC to purchase up to 200,000 pounds of food products per year during periods of declared food emergencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This partnership underscores the importance of international cooperation in ensuring stable food supplies during crises.

Details of the Agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, SALIC, which holds an 11.03% stake in BRF, can procure products at market prices offered to BRF’s key clients at the time of purchase. The specifics of the agreement were disclosed in a market announcement available on BRF’s investor relations webpage. This provision ensures that SALIC can secure necessary food supplies without disrupting BRF’s market dynamics or the supply chain.

Conditions and Compliance

BRF’s commitment to supply products to SALIC is contingent upon the existence of plants authorized for export to Saudi Arabia. This clause ensures that the agreement does not compromise BRF’s ability to meet the demands of other clients within the country. Additionally, BRF clarified that SALIC and its management did not influence BRF’s decision-making process regarding the contract. This transparency highlights the independent operational integrity maintained by BRF.

Leadership and Oversight

The notice, officially signed by BRF’s Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Fabio Luis Mendes Mariano, on May 22, emphasizes the strategic nature of this partnership. Mariano’s endorsement signifies the high level of executive oversight and strategic importance placed on this agreement.

BRF’s Expansion in Saudi Arabia

BRF’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has been steadily growing. In 2022, BRF inaugurated its Al Joody poultry plant in Dammam, marking a significant milestone in its Middle Eastern operations. The following year, BRF and the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund (PIF) fulfilled the requirements to establish a joint venture focused on halal poultry production. This venture aligns with Saudi Arabia’s vision to enhance food security and localize food production.

BRF: A Global Poultry Leader

As the world’s third-largest poultry producer, BRF’s influence and capacity are immense. In the past year alone, the company slaughtered an impressive 1.67 billion broilers. This scale of operation not only reflects BRF’s significant market position but also its capability to support large-scale food security initiatives like the one with SALIC.


The strategic agreement between BRF and SALIC represents a proactive approach to addressing potential food crises. By allowing SALIC to purchase substantial quantities of food products during emergencies, this partnership ensures that Saudi Arabia can maintain food security even in challenging times. BRF’s commitment to supporting this initiative, while maintaining its operational integrity and market stability, underscores the company’s leadership in the global food industry.

Future Implications

This agreement sets a precedent for future collaborations aimed at food security. As global challenges such as climate change, political instability, and economic fluctuations continue to impact food supply chains, partnerships like this will become increasingly vital. BRF’s strategic foresight and SALIC’s commitment to securing food resources exemplify how corporations can work together to address global food security issues effectively.

About BRF and SALIC

BRF, headquartered in Brazil, is renowned for its significant contributions to the global poultry industry. The company’s expansion into Saudi Arabia and its partnership with the Public Investment Fund (PIF) highlight its strategic focus on international growth and food security.

SALIC, on the other hand, is a key player in Saudi Arabia’s agricultural sector. With a mission to ensure food security for the Kingdom, SALIC invests in and collaborates with leading global food producers. Its stake in BRF and the newly signed agreement reflect its proactive approach to addressing food supply challenges.

Strategic Importance

The partnership between BRF and SALIC is more than a commercial agreement; it is a strategic alliance that addresses the critical need for food security in the face of global uncertainties. As both companies continue to grow and adapt to changing market conditions, their collaboration will likely serve as a model for similar initiatives worldwide.

Final Thoughts

The BRF-SALIC agreement is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in tackling global food security challenges. By ensuring a reliable supply of food products during emergencies, this agreement not only benefits Saudi Arabia but also reinforces BRF’s role as a global leader in the poultry industry. As the world navigates an increasingly complex food landscape, such innovative agreements will be crucial in safeguarding food security for all.

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