BioMar Achieves Record Success in 2023

BioMar, a leading aquafeed company, announces its best-ever yearly results following a strong Q4 performance.

Impressive Financial Performance

Despite similar volumes and revenue to previous years, BioMar boosts EBITDA by 26%, surpassing market guidance and achieving a turnover of DKK 20 billion.

CEO’s Satisfaction and Strategic Focus

Carlos Diaz, CEO of BioMar, expresses satisfaction with the company’s performance, highlighting proactive market development and improved commercial activities.

Focus on Sustainability and Partnerships

BioMar emphasizes the importance of long-term business relationships and sustainability. Diaz underscores the significance of partnerships with suppliers and customers committed to sustainability.

Prioritizing Quality Over Volume

BioMar prioritizes long-term collaborations with core customers over volume expansion. Diaz emphasizes the company’s commitment to building a healthy business while advancing sustainability goals.

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