Arla Foods Expands Export Plans for Mozzarella

Arla Foods unveils ambitious plans to invest nearly £180 million in updating its Taw Valley creamery to facilitate the global export of mozzarella, signaling a significant milestone for the UK-based company.

Driving Growth Through Dairy Exports

The decision to upgrade the Taw Valley creamery underscores Arla Foods’ commitment to meeting the increased demand for dairy products worldwide. By investing in state-of-the-art technology, the company aims to create more than 100 jobs while enhancing its export capabilities.

Strategic Focus on Supporting Farmer Owners

Bas Padberg, Managing Director of Arla Foods UK, emphasizes the company’s dedication to returning a fair price to its farmer owners. With a focus on increasing the value of their milk, Arla aims to explore new export opportunities to drive growth and sustainability in the dairy industry.

Strong Financial Performance and Continued Growth

Arla Foods reports a positive financial performance in the UK, with revenue increasing by 2.4% to £2.6 billion in 2023. Despite slight turnover reduction at the group level due to currency effects, Arla remains optimistic about its future prospects and targets continued growth.

Commitment to Delivering Value to Farmer Owners

Arthur Fearnall, Arla Foods UK board director and Arla farmer, expresses pride in the significant investment in the UK business. The plans for the Taw Valley creamery align with Arla’s mission to ensure all farmer owners receive fair compensation for their milk.

Future Outlook and Investment Strategy

Looking ahead, Arla anticipates revenue between €13.2 billion to €13.7 billion for 2024, with a strategic focus on maintaining competitiveness and profitability in the mozzarella market. The investment reaffirms Arla’s position as a global leader in dairy production and export.

Strengthening Global Presence in the Mozzarella Market

Peter Giortz-Carlsen, COO of Arla Foods Europe, highlights the company’s robust growth in the mozzarella segment and its commitment to serving customers while improving profitability for farmer owners. The investment in the Taw Valley creamery underscores Arla’s dedication to maintaining its leadership position in the industry.

Conclusion: Driving Innovation and Sustainability in Dairy

Arla Foods‘ investment in expanding its mozzarella export capabilities reflects its strategic vision for growth and sustainability. By leveraging technological advancements and prioritizing farmer-owner interests, Arla aims to strengthen its global presence and deliver high-quality dairy products to consumers worldwide.


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