Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods agrees to sell its Vienna, Georgia poultry complex to House of Raeford Farms, impacting the local poultry industry.

Austevoll Seafood ASA

The marine by-products market is projected to grow significantly by 2033, driven by health awareness and sustainable practices.


Nutreco’s Selko and Westerdijk Institute collaborate to enhance feed efficiency by inhibiting mold growth with new insights into antifungal additives.

Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods announces the closure of its Iowa facility, impacting 314 jobs. The US pork producer adjusts its production footprint amidst operational changes.

Cargill Meat

Cargill introduces Carrageenan for meat applications, enhancing binding and gelling properties in both meat and plant-based alternatives.

Koch Foods

Neil Martin joins Jarrett Food as Plant Manager amidst Koch Foods’ $16 million expansion and job creation with city support.


Alltech partners with Meat Business Women to attract new talent and promote gender diversity in the agri-food sector.


Nutrien Ltd. stock sees a decline despite high trading volume, influenced by market conditions and operational challenges.

Clemens Food Group

Clemens Food Group plans to sell its Kunzler plant in Lancaster, potentially affecting jobs as they consolidate production.


Industry leaders from ADM, Kerry, and FrieslandCampina will present exclusive insights at the Growth Asia Summit in Singapore.


Lactalis partners with Cracker Barrel to reduce food waste through innovative cookbook solutions.

Seaboard Corporation

Seaboard Corporation, Triumph Foods, and Tyson Foods face legal scrutiny over pork products.

Hilton Food Group

Hilton Food Group becomes the preferred hotel partner for Club Atlético River Plate, enhancing its global presence.

Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes’ Truterra initiative explores the intersection of agricultural carbon markets and pesticide use.

Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms faces challenges as organic associations critique its petition to the FSIS for rulemaking.


Danone Canada recalls Silk and Great Value plant-based beverages due to possible contamination, aligning with sustainability goals to reduce food waste by 2030.

Maple Leaf Foods

Maple Leaf Foods plans to spin off its pork business into a new publicly traded company by 2025, separating from its consumer packaged goods operations.

Arla Foods

Arla Foods launches a Danish agriculture project aiming to cut emissions by 30% while boosting income for Bangladeshi farmers through sustainable practices.

Hormel Foods

Hormel Foods Corporation faces investor shifts as Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. reduces its holdings, reflecting changes in investor sentiment.


Saputo Inc.’s stock experiences a slight decline despite nearing its 52-week high. The Canadian dairy company is seeing fluctuations in trading volumes.

Yili Group

Yili Group is expanding, impacting the walnut milk market with projected growth of USD 1.15 billion by 2028. The Chinese dairy giant is making strategic moves in the global dairy market.

Maruha Nichiro Corporation

Maruha Nichiro Corporation is positioned for substantial growth in the shrimp industry by 2024-2031. The Japanese seafood giant continues to expand its global seafood footprint.


Fonterra finds opportunities in the US market, celebrating Independence Day with notable achievements and awards in the dairy industry. The New Zealand-based dairy cooperative remains a key player in global dairy markets.

Pacific Seafood Group

American Seafoods pauses its sale process amidst challenges, impacting the Pacific hake market. The seafood company focuses on business continuity and growth strategies.

Conagra Brands

Conagra Brands anticipates declines in Q4 fiscal 2024 earnings amid market expectations. The US food giant continues to navigate financial forecasts amidst changing consumer demands.


FrieslandCampina leaders to present insights at the Growth Asia Summit, highlighting industry leadership and future trends in Asia. The global dairy cooperative continues its strategic initiatives in key markets.

Animal Protein Market Report – July 2024

Animal Protein Market Report – July 2024

Nutreco Announces Intention to Acquire AECI Animal Health South Africa
Nutreco has disclosed plans to acquire AECI Animal Health South Africa, a strategic move aimed at expanding its footprint in the African market. This acquisition is poised to bolster Nutreco’s presence in animal nutrition and health solutions.

Hog Industry Responds to Avian Flu Outbreak in Dairy Cows
A widespread outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N1) in dairy cows has triggered a coordinated response from the pork industry. This development underscores ongoing challenges in disease management across livestock sectors.

Pork Purchase Intent Up 6% Following Love Pork Campaign
Following AHDB’s successful Love Pork campaign, purchase intent for pork has surged by 6%. This campaign highlights effective marketing strategies driving consumer engagement and boosting pork demand.

Purdue University’s Breakthrough in Antibiotic-Free Poultry Treatments
Purdue University researchers have pioneered new antibiotic-free treatments for avian pathogenic E. coli (APEC) in poultry. This breakthrough aims to enhance poultry health while reducing antibiotic usage in production.

Colorado Poultry Farm to Cull 1.8 Million Chickens Due to Bird Flu
A major bird flu outbreak has necessitated the culling of 1.8 million chickens at a Colorado poultry farm. This incident marks a significant setback in disease management efforts within the US poultry industry.

Brazilian Chicken Exports Decline in June 2024
Brazilian chicken exports saw a 1.6% decrease in June 2024 compared to the previous year. This trend reflects evolving global market dynamics impacting one of the world’s leading poultry exporters.

Hatch Blue Accelerates Startups in Aquaculture Innovation
Hatch Blue has launched its latest accelerator program, welcoming nine innovative startups focused on advancing aquaculture technologies. This initiative aims to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the seafood sector.

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