JBS’s New R$570m Feed Facilities

Over 570 Million Reais Earmarked for Three New Plants, Bolstering Seara’s Production and Creating Hundreds of Jobs

São Paulo, Brazil – JBS SA, a leading global food company, has confirmed a substantial investment exceeding 570 million reais ($117 million) to construct three new feed factories in Santo Inácio, Itaiópolis, and Seberi, strategically located in Brazil’s southern region.

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Expanding Capacity to Meet Growing Demand The move is seen as a strategic response to adapt the supply of inputs to meet the increased production capacity of Seara, JBS’s Brazilian poultry division. The company has observed significant growth in recent years, necessitating this expansion.

State-of-the-Art Facilities to Boost Production Upon completion, these factories are expected to enhance Seara’s feed production by over one million tonnes annually. João Campos, president of Seara, highlighted the advanced automation and technology employed in these factories, emphasizing JBS’s commitment to expanding production capabilities and supporting regional socioeconomic development.

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Significant Investments in Individual Plants

  • The Santo Inácio plant, set to receive 145 million reais ($29.62 million), will occupy 11.3 thousand square meters, creating approximately 80 jobs. This facility will play a pivotal role in supporting the processing capacity in Paraná’s three cities.
  • In Itaiópolis, JBS plans to invest 194 million reais ($39.58 million) for two factories over 13.8 thousand square meters. These plants will support over 200 integrated producers and 300 poultry farms. An additional facility focusing on premixes for animal nutrition is expected to create over 120 jobs.
  • The Seberi facility, with an investment of 230 million reais ($46.92 million), aims to optimize deliveries and reduce logistic costs, potentially creating up to 110 jobs.

A Strategic Move for Regional Growth This large-scale investment by JBS SA not only aims to augment Seara’s feed production but also signifies a substantial contribution to the local economies, potentially creating over 300 jobs across these regions. This move underscores JBS’s commitment to enhancing its operational efficiency and supporting community development in the areas where it operates.

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