Danone’s plans to divest its dairy business in Russia have progressed significantly, with regulatory approvals obtained for the sale of its essential dairy and plant-based division assets. This development marks a crucial step in the company’s strategy amid geopolitical tensions and economic challenges.

Regulatory Approvals Secured

Danone has confirmed the attainment of regulatory approvals necessary for the disposal of its essential dairy and plant-based (EDP) division assets in Russia. The company anticipates finalizing the transaction with Russian dairy producer Vamin Tatarstan, signaling a significant move in its business restructuring efforts.

Financial Implications

The disposal of Danone’s EDP division assets in Russia is expected to result in a loss of €1.2 billion ($1.3 billion). This sizable loss underscores the complexity of the transaction and the strategic importance of reshaping Danone’s portfolio amidst changing market dynamics and geopolitical uncertainties.

Long-Running Saga

The decision to divest from Russia comes after a prolonged period of uncertainty and challenges for Danone in the region. Following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Danone faced escalating tensions and regulatory complexities, prompting the suspension of investments and subsequent plans for divestiture.

Impact of Geopolitical Events

Geopolitical events, including the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, have significantly influenced Danone’s strategic decisions regarding its presence in Russia. The company’s response to these challenges reflects its commitment to adapt to evolving geopolitical landscapes and mitigate associated risks.

Transition Process

Danone initiated the transfer process of its EDP business in Russia in October 2022, marking the beginning of a transition period aimed at reshaping its operations in the region. The completion of regulatory approvals signals progress towards finalizing the transaction and executing Danone’s strategic objectives.

Financial Reporting and Outlook

The forthcoming release of Danone’s first-quarter results for fiscal 2024 on April 18 is anticipated to provide further insights into the disposal process and its implications on the company’s financial performance. Investors and stakeholders await details on revenue trends, profitability, and the overall impact of the divestiture on Danone’s financial outlook.

Navigating Challenges

Danone’s decision to divest its dairy business in Russia underscores the challenges faced by multinational corporations operating in complex geopolitical environments. By proactively addressing regulatory requirements and reshaping its portfolio, Danone seeks to navigate uncertainties and position itself for sustainable growth in the long term.


The progress made in securing regulatory approvals for the disposal of Danone’s dairy business in Russia marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategic evolution. Amid geopolitical tensions and economic challenges, Danone’s decision reflects its commitment to adaptability and resilience in navigating dynamic market conditions. As the company moves forward with its divestiture plans, stakeholders closely monitor developments and anticipate the impact on Danone’s financial performance and long-term growth trajectory.

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