The Findings…

Studies have shown that younger age groups are considerably more open to the idea of ​​eating lab-grown meats and insects than older adults.

Researchers at the University of Reading surveyed 23,000 consumers in 18 countries and asked them what they thought of lab-grown foods (also called cellular agriculture) and eating insects.

Research shows that young people are most receptive to consuming these products, with about half of young people aged 18 to 24 saying they want to eat lab-grown food. People over the age of 44 are also less likely to eat insects.

In a more detailed follow-up survey of 2,400 consumers in six countries, the research team found that a majority (58%) of respondents said the thought of eating insects made them feel disgusted.

However, most of the respondents (over 60%) may be motivated to eat insect-based foods due to potential environmental, sustainability, nutritional benefits and reduced food costs.

Survey results also vary by country, with Israel leading the way, with a total of 49% of people saying they are open to laboratory-grown foods. The Czech Republic was the most cautious, with only 25% of people saying they would eat food prepared this way.

Respondents from Israel had the lowest receptivity to insects as food. This is probably because grasshoppers are the only edible insects considered kosher in Judaism. The UK is relatively receptive to insects, ranking fourth behind Denmark, Spain and the Netherlands.

A 2019 study found that more environmentally friendly than traditional beef farming, lab-raised meat can be produced using renewable energy.

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