Consumers will soon be able to purchase prepared meals made with New Zealand beef and lamb from vending machines in Shanghai.

Leading red meat exporters Beef + Lamb NZ, Alliance and Silver Fern Farms are testing ready-to-eat beef and lamb vending machines for time-pressed consumers.

Beef and Lamb spokesman Michael Wan said two of his Pure Box vending machines will be installed in Shanghai’s busy business district to provide new dining options for busy workers.

Wang said shoppers can choose from his six dishes co-created by Shanghai chef Jamie Phi. Traditional Chinese ingredients and flavors are blended with Western food trends to bring out the flavors of New Zealand beef and lamb. He said the machine is one of several initiatives by B+L NZ to boost Chinese consumer demand.

“The Chinese market is strategic for New Zealand’s red meat sector,” Mr Wan said.

“Our research shows that more and more Chinese consumers are looking for nutritious and healthy food.

“We need to offer these consumers a variety of dining options, including pure boxes that they can conveniently access and consume alongside supermarkets and restaurants. “Through this Pure Box initiative, we hope to make more consumers in China aware and aware of the benefits of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb, and encourage them to choose grass-fed beef and lamb in the future.”

Shane Kingston, general manager of sales for Alliance Group, said the aim of the pilot was to generate interest and get people to eat New Zealand beef and lamb.

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Source: RNZ

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