Believer Meat, an Israeli-cultivated meat company (previously known as Future Meat), wants to play a pivotal role in the availability of lab-grown meat products. The company says it has broken ground on a new plant in North Carolina, the world’s largest of its kind, where it will pump out large volumes of cultured meat using its proprietary technology.

Along with start-ups like Impossible Foods and compatriot Aleph Farms, Believer Meats strives to bring down the cost of lab-grown meat, and has made significant strides toward that goal in recent years. This includes opening the first factory in Israel and making significant investments to bring the cost of lab-raised chickens down to $1.70 per breast.

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The company hopes to build on these successes with its first commercial plant in the United States. The groundbreaking ceremony for the facility in Wilson, North Carolina is said to have taken place yesterday. When completed, it will be the world’s largest cultivated meat production center at 18,500 square meters.

Believer Meats says once operational, the facility will have the capacity to produce at least 10,000 tons of cultured meat, subject to regulatory approval.

This is done through the company’s “medium regeneration” process, in which cells are harvested from live animals and processed in stainless steel fermenters while nutrients grow and form tissues.These are in turn edible. It will be a piece of meat.

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