According to a recent press release by the animal welfare organisation World Animal Protection, JBS Foods, a major global meat producer and the largest pork and poultry producer in the world, has been named the biggest offender in terms of greenhouse gas emissions in the organisation’s new Factory Farming Climate Culprits Scorecard.

The scorecard ranks the top five commercial farming giants based on the total emissions released from their chicken and pig production, which combined slaughter 11.5 billion chickens and 150 million pigs every year.

JBS Foods alone is responsible for emissions equivalent to 14 million gas-powered vehicles on the road annually, more than all the cars in New York City.

Furthermore, the company has been linked to illegal deforestation in Brazil and has policies that allow illegal deforestation of the Amazon region until 2025 and legal deforestation globally for another ten years. The report adds to the growing evidence that factory farming is not compatible with a climate-safe future.

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