As the price of chicken feed continues to rise, there is the real prospect that the price of chickens could rival that of beef.

Chicken is traditionally cheaper and grows faster than any other protein. However, increases due to the war between Russia and Ukraine and rising fuel and energy costs are expected too change this significantly.

It has long been most of the world’s most popular meat due to its lower price compared to beef, lamb and pork. But rising prices will hit families who have already suffered the most from rising costs of living.

For example, rising chicken production costs are slowly being reflected in price increases for Nando’s (UK) menu items. In February, Nando’s increased prices of some of its most popular chicken dishes by up to 8%.

A spokeswoman for the fast-food chain told The Sun that the price hike was due to “continuously rising material costs and a difficult trading environment caused by Covid.”

In March 2 Sisters Food Group, (which has poultry processing plants in the UK and Europe), said the input costs of poultry production had risen by 50% in the past 12 months, and that the Ukrainian agricultural crisis had “a major impact on the global supply of raw materials. Without farmers, our chicken wouldn’t reach our table,” he said in a company statement. “people are unaware that the food production clock is ticking.”

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